Weirdness revisited

Wow, a good night’s sleep really does a lot, as does coffee, apparently. Since I’m going on a combination on both for the first time in a while, I probably won’t be able to wind down tonight, but eh.. As I hinted earlier, it’s been a strange few days of coping and processing the news from Sunday, but the fact that I’m now sleeping, eating properly and functioning somewhat normally goes to show, I guess, that I’m now somewhat adjusting to things and moving on a little at a time.

As mentioned the news broke on Sunday, actually just after we’d arrived at Domhuset and ordered our first beer. Ricki’s phone rang, he picked it up, went “what?” – then instantly pale. As he hung up and related the news, the mood pretty much instantly changed to a pretty somber one. During the subsequent football game and the post-match session back at Domhuset, we did our best to keep our spirits high. I apparently decided to cope by drinking myself into oblivion and forgetting to eat, leaving me more wasted than I’ve ever been in my life. I ended up spending the night at my mom’s after she insisted I shouldn’t be alone after such news. Must’ve been interesting for her.

Monday was such a surreal day. Y’know, one of those days where you’re just walking around, looking at life passing by you, wondering how people can just be talking, smiling and laughing when in your mind it seems as if time has stopped. I decided to sleep in, missing my morning classes, I then got up, ate some breakfast at my mom’s and decided to walk the entire distance down to uni for my afternoon classes. Before attending these, I met briefly with Anne and we talked a bit about the whole thing, I then went on to find Christian and Emelie who reckoned I looked a little pale and worse for wear. When I told them the reason, they were naturally shocked. Classes were uneventful, we spent most of them trying to get some application running and then playing around with it, this suited me fine as my mind wasn’t really on the subject at hand anyways.

After my classes, I headed on down to Dunkel’s to see how he was doing. It turned out Under was there as well and the three of us goofed around for a while. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who’d gotten the idea to head down there, as we were soon joined by Penny, Mette, Iben, Robert and Anne as well. We sat around and talked for a while before deciding to go out and get something to eat, a luxury that a lot of us couldn’t really afford, but eh, what can you do? A lot of us needed to get our mind off things so a restaurant visit seemed in order.. And proved a pretty good idea, great food, great mood, could’ve wished they’d cranked the AC up a little, though, as I was boiling through the entire meal.

After getting home, I spent Monday night watching TV, sleep never came and eventually at 9 AM on Tuesday, I thought fuck it, got up and spent most of the day walking around in a zombified, sleep-deprived state, texting back and forth with Louise who was in pretty much the same shape as myself on this particular day. I eventually decided to head down to Dunkel’s again and see what he was up to. We ended up spending some time cleaning up his front door from blood spatter and fingerprint powder, we then watched a few DVDs, ate a hearty dinner together and decided to watch yet another movie. Which is when things got rather derouted. First we received a visit from Ricki whom we talked to for a while before riding back to his place to pick up some things Dunkel had left earlier that weekend. On our way back, I got a text from Louise saying she was looking for someone to hang out with and have a few drinks with. We half-jokingly said she could drop by and do just that if she supplied the drinks which she agreed to, being the awesome chick that she is (thanks babe!).

So, I ended up spending the night having drinks and watching comedy with Dunkel and Louise which proved a huge relief.. We sure did laugh a lot. We eventually disbanded at around 1:30 AM when all three of us were starting to feel really sleepy. I walked home, sent out updates to whoever needed updates on the situation, found my bed and fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time in quite a few days.

Which leaves us at today, Wednesday, which has proved the first somewhat normal day of the week for me where I’ve actually been able to get up, get things done and even focus my thoughts on other issues. But that’s another post, I guess, as right now I have to get my mess cleaned up before work, then go work for the man (aka Ricki’s dad) for a few hours.


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