First things first: Mads opened his eyes today.. And he can see! 🙂 No words as to whether he can speak yet, but this, for sure, is good news! This is already proving a pretty positive day!

I’ve been away for the weekend, visiting Tina in Rødby and attending her housewarming party thingy. It was good fun, from the road trip over there and onwards. Christian, Emelie and I made the trip over there in Christian’s parents Audi. Originally we were supposed to have been five in the car, but the lack of support wasn’t about to deter us from having a good time. So, after classes on Friday, the three of us met up for a quick, vegetarian meal at my wreck of an apartment. We then loaded up the car with everything needed for a weekend of fun away from home including luggage, sleeping bags, 1.5 kilos of peanuts, cookware, drinks, lime, avocados and cinnamon.

Having successfully packed, we settled in in the comfort of the Audi’s leather seats, put some good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll on the car’s stereo and tore off across the Danish motorways.. And all went well, for a while anyways. After having come across most of the country before Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits had played through the first time, we were to turn off the motorway and press on through highways and byways for a smaller leg of the journey. Relying partly on the GPS, partly on maps, a fair bit of intuition and sheer, dumb guessing, we made some good choices and some not so good choices which let us through some of the strangest, least crowded parts of Denmark.. Some more fascinating than others. Travelling across four major Danish islands and an equal number of bridges, we eventually tore into a small tunnel which was to lead us to Lolland, our destination island.

Right as we came up out of the tunnel, I received a call from Jakob on my phone asking me how far we were, when I told him we were some 30 kms from our destination he seemed rather shocked. Apparently he was riding along with Tina on their way home from Copenhagen, 60 kms behind us, hoping to get home before we arrived.. Yea, fat chance! Anyways, we slowed down a bit and eventually decided we’d just find the place and have a beer outside her door waiting for them to arrive. And we eventually did. That is, we arrived in Rødby where Tina currently lives and started looking around for a while, having abandoned all hope of getting much help from the GPS.

This was my second time ever in Rødby and the first time there sober, so naturally the only part I recognized was the bar at which I’d gotten even more shitfaced the last time I was there.. And that didn’t help us much, the fact aside that we eventually discovered through trial and error that it was located almost right next to Tina’s place – which we eventually scouted and parked at. We then opened the trunk, grabbed a few beers and sat down to wait for the rest of the party to arrive. While waiting (30 odd minutes or so), we saw three distinct cases of drunk driving and one case of three young blokes sharing one moped and used that as a base of our conclusion that we were indeed in the middle of fucking nowhere and that the place had probably not seen a cop since some time last month.

Anyways, our hostess, Tina, her boyfriend Jakob and friend Jens soon arrived and let us into Tina’s nice, roomy apartment – they even helped carry all our stuff which was awesome. Never having been your average guests, and being rather hungry, Chirstian and I had been there for all of five minutes before we snuck into the kitchen while the others were talking, fired up the stove and started frying up some sausages we’d brought along for the ride as well as brewing some coffee to kick some life into things, all while opening a beer, of course. Tina, upon realizing by walking into the kitchen by chance, seemed none too surprised but merely tore into a laugh, muttering something along the lines of “typically you.” Our antics, strange as they may have seemed, proved inspiring, though, as both Jakob and Jens left in search of junk food when we returned from the kitchen, fried sausages in hand. Their search proved unsuccessful, though, and they soon returned, sulking and bitching, turning to the fridge for whatever food was in there to consume.

When we were all fed and happy, we sat down, talked for a while and had a few beers while listening to some tunes of a metal or rock related character. Despite me having not really slept the night before, I was apparently the only person in the crowd of six who had any kind of energy that night so after a while, the party just kinda died and a democratic vote decided that we were to turn in at around 1 AM. This, of course, prompted the question of who sleeps where. Jens had already been there for a day, so he pretty much had a spot picked out. Emelie and Christian found a corner somewhere and I was left to fend for myself. Not wanting to sleep in a place where I could possibly hurt myself in any way, I opted to not sleep near the table or anywhere where people could stumble over me on their way to the bathroom. Following allegations that I was to be the kitchen bitch of the weekend, the choice seemed simple. I’d just go sleep in the kitchen!

So, I grabbed my sleeping bag (or Louise’s sleeping bag rather), borrowed a sleeping mat from Jens and went to camp out on the kitchen floor. Not the best accommodations ever, but better than nothing and probably better for my back that sleeping on the way too small couch.. So, all in all it was all good.. The fact aside, of course, that I couldn’t sleep. Not that that’s really a new thing for me.. But tossing and turning on a floor for four hours just isn’t much fun.. Especially not when you’ve got a fridge next to you sounding remarkably like an air raid siren going off and a poor boy with a cold in the next room snoring his nose off. But hey, I’ll live, and three hours of sleep to base a day of heavy drinking on was better than nothing.. But more on that later. I’s gotta get back to class.


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