The aftermath

There’s not a lot to be said about our last day in Rødby. Sunday went by rather uneventful. Most of the party seemed rather hung over and zombified, me, I dunno, I was just distant as I am at times. I wasn’t feeling particularly bad, but not particularly full of energy either. We ended up traveling back at around 4 PM by way of a major detour thanks to our GPS. It was on this trip that I realized that downing five colas and a couple of cups of coffee before getting into a car for a 3 hour road trip is a bad idea. Thankfully, we had a chance to “stretch our legs” on the way home and all was well. Upon returning home, I got some takeout from a local place, ate, rested a bit and went to bed for a good, proper night’s sleep.

The last couple of days I’ve most been keeping busy. Monday I had school, late classes even, getting out at 6 PM, then eating dinner and heading down to hang out with Louise for a cozy night of watching several episodes of Dexter as well as some sitcoms before returning home at around 1:30 AM. Tuesday, I had a surprise meeting regarding the Student House followed by some homework and a couple of hours at GLS.

Today, well, today I was hit by the aftermath of our trip to Rødby as well as several other not so interesting experiences. Apparently Jens was packing a nasty cold in Rødby, and apparently it’s struck all but one of the rest of us. Tina and Jakob were both down on Tuesday, unable to go to work due to cold symptoms. By Tuesday evening, I was sporting a pretty sore throat myself and once I got up today, I was starting to feel downright bad. When I arrived for our 10 AM meeting at uni regarding our master’s thesises, I noticed that Christian was coughing and blowing his nose as well. Yet, as oft times before, I refused to bow down and pressed on through the meeting. I even made it through shopping for groceries afterwards and back home to pick up some stuff. Truth be told, I even made it all the way down to Tina’s through the rain and what have you to water her plants, and all the way back to uni for my later afternoon classes before all hell broke lose.

Thing is, I was just sitting there minding my own business trying to read up on a few things before class when my laptop started fucking about. Apparently, the trackpad just decided to die and as a result the mouse stopped responding. This went ironically well hand in hand with the fact that just minutes earlier, my touch screen phone had started acting up and executing random touch commands left and right which made typing texts just a little more interesting. Anyways, with a non-working trackpad and no external mouse in my bag, I was pretty well screwed. So in order to work on, I went to one of the computer labs and reluctantly fired up one of the Windows machines and got back to work. I sat there for about 45 minutes and when I made to leave to get to class, I noticed that the room pretty much started spinning around me. My legs, on the other hand started shaking and wobbling beneath me and I damn well nearly passed out before grabbing a desk for leverage, steadying myself and moving on.

I figured by that time that class probably wasn’t the best idea, but of course I had to try. I figured I owed that much after missing so much last week. It wasn’t fun, but I made it, even solved most of the assignments we were handed, though not in very clever ways.. And eventually I pulled through, walked (or staggered more likely) home to lay on the couch and nap for a while.. Buggrit! I hate being under the weather, I hope things clear up soon. Till then I guess I’m staying down.


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