Oktoberfest sure ended early this year

After having been down and out with the sickness for a few days, I was really looking forward to getting out a bit on Friday. Unfortunately, my body and my mind seemed a little in disagreement about whether and how this was going to happen.

As a result, I ended up missing out on the first part of the day, a meeting about our exam projects for this summer. I did this pretty much deliberately, as I was a) not feeling too well at the start of the day and b) I’d lost a lot of time working on the project by being sick, so I figured I’d best just stay home, get some work done and get something on paper rather than spend the time showing up and going “Well, I basically have nothing new!” So, I spent the first part of the day on the couch, working, drinking tea and groaning ever so slightly. An activity which was honestly about as much fun as it sounds.

Eventually at around 2 PM, I got some food and moved on, got out the door and dragged my sorry ass down to uni where I was set to meet up with Christian whom I had a beer date with at the Uboat. On the way, I texted and spoke with Zascha who was apparently in town on a day off and was a little curious that I hadn’t shown more interest in her visit to Denmark and in seeing her. I was, of course, glad to hear from her and had to explain that mine had not been the easiest of existences lately and as such I might’ve been a little preoccupied with my own little world which she seemed to understand. Anyways, we arranged to talk later with the possibility of meeting up later in the day.

After arriving safely at uni, I located Christian and together we ventured on down to the Uboat. The theme of the day there was Oktoberfest which meant lots of happy people, German music, lederhosen, fake mustaches and the work.. And, of course, the infamous one liter draught beers.. A phenomenon that Christian and I naturally needed a part of, so about five minutes after arriving, we were both walking around sporting one liter mugs filled to the rim with frosty, yummy beer.. Or, that is to say, we didn’t walk around for long as we located Champ, Champ’s brother, Vuffe and a few other lovely people with whom we sat down and shared a table, a good few laughs and a couple of wonderful German sing-a-long songs.. Ah, good times!

One beer pretty quickly led to another and we were all soon in a pretty good mood, especially Johan who, along the way, discovered that drinking on a sickies stomach was about as harmful as drinking on an empty stomach, so I had to slow down considerably and limp alongside the others best as I could. In better news, though, we were eventually joined by Zascha who dropped by to have a quick beer, looking happy and lovely as always. We spent a good bit of time chatting and catching up, having a quick beer before I had to assume my position as bartender for the evening. Or, that is, Louise had to assume her bartending job of the evening. But since the poor girl was out delivering mail at the time, she had talked me into covering for her for a few hours – something I was happy to do because, well, I enjoy bartending and I also enjoy helping out friends. We had previously discussed the details and agreed that since I’m sporting long, darkish hair and am sometimes, more or less affectionately, referred to as Louise by the members of KFC Support (on grounds of being a long-haired male), the chances that anyone would notice the switch would be slim to none. But, on the odd chance that someone should notice, I took time to have my co-bartender, Lea, draw me up a name tag reading Louise just as to stop any form of confusion.

Working the bar for the first time in ages was actually pretty fun, but rather stressful at times. My spinning head (induced by a cold, not the alcohol this time around, mind you) didn’t help matters much, but I did pull through. Zascha and Christian eventually left around 6:30 PM and I kept myself entertained hanging out, chatting with people in the bar and joking back and forth with Lea. Louise, sadly, ended up running pretty late so I got to keep myself busy with most of her shift before she showed up at around 8:20-ish, looking cheerful and happy to join me behind the bar. At this point, though, Lea had pulled one of her magical disappearing tricks so rather than buzzing off like I was supposed to, I got to spend some time hanging around with Louise behind the bar as well, which I’ll have to admit that I didn’t really mind. Until right before 9 PM where my stomach really started complaining about the lack of food and I had to excuse myself to go get some fast food grub downtown.

As I walked out, I grabbed my humongous mug as I certainly didn’t feel like losing it, nor felt like going a half hour without beer. Needless to say, walking through the streets at 9-ish PM with a one liter mug of beer raised quite a few eyebrows, including those of my go-to pizza guy who disbelievingly asked “is that yours?”, then started shaking his head, muttering and saying his hail Mary’s when I nodded in agreement, an activity he kept up right until he delivered my sammich dinner of the evening which I consumed while walking back to the Uboat. Safely back inside in the heat, I spent a good deal of time chatting with people and having fun, desperately trying to ignore the fact that I was feeling increasingly worse due to my stupid assed cold This all went well for a good while until, at around, 11:30 PM, I just couldn’t hold myself together anymore and had to give in. Sulking, I made my goodbyes with Champ, Louise, Iben, Anne, Robert and whoever else I’d been talking to, excused myself and headed home feeling entirely pissed off and sorry that I had to abandon the party so soon. But it probably was for the better seeing as Dunkel showed up right as I was leaving and I probably couldn’t have handled an evening of drinking with him.

So rather than doing that, I went home and jumped into bed by around 1 AM, cursing and steaming, but also praying that my playing responsible for a change would benefit me and make me all well and happy come Sunday when I, and the rest of the guys (and gal) from KFC Support was to set off for Lyngby to support our boys in an important away game.. But more on that later.


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