Enjoy the silence

I know, I know, it’s been ridiculously quiet around here, even by my standards.. But I’ve been away from the whole interweb thing a lot lately.. More specifically, I’ve been taking turns getting drunk with Dunkel, nursing a hangover with Louise while she was battling a cold, working, getting drunk with Dunkel and Dennis.. Oh, and I also just happened to spend quite a few days visiting the family in Nyborg this weekend.

I made the trip over to Nyborg with the above-mentioned Dennis who just happens to be my half-sister’s boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend or whatever it is these days, and who just happens to have spent the last couple of weeks in Kolding, doing a course on fuck knows.. Whatever it was, it made for a good night out on Thursday and a free ride to Nyborg on Friday.. Which is something that everybody would enjoy coz, lets face it, trains suck and drinking is fun. Though, admittedly, getting up early after a night of drinking is no fun so both Dennis and I were pretty beat and happy once we finally arrived in Nyborg.

Where, as could be expected, all hell soon broke lose. Apparently, when I arrived, both my dad and his wife, Birthe, were sleeping, so Mie, my half-sister, had arranged for Dennis to just bring me to their place to relax for a while.. Or maybe relax isn’t the right word as she’d also arranged for Dennis to pick up their daughter, Izabella, and her sister’s daughter, Nanna. You with me this far? Good, coz it gets better.. Once we arrived at Dennis’ and Mie’s place, I noticed that they were also suddenly the proud owners of a black labrador retriever puppy and a couple of cats.. All of which needed sitting while Dennis retrieved the kids. So, without being given much of a choice, I finally found myself on the couch stroking a kitty while trying to watch over a dog with a severe case of ADHD and a burning urge to hump everything in sight.

It all went well for all of five minutes before the dog took off, through the garden, over the fence and onto the road. I spent another ten or so minutes hunting it down only to bring it back and spend another 15 minutes trying to keep it from humping the cat because I was reasonably sure the cat didn’t swing that way. I thought the return of Dennis would bring some tranquility, but with a notably stressed out Dennis, a two year-old and a four year-old in the mix, my headache only grew. Salvation finally arrived in the shape of Mie who was able to take over with the kids while Dennis drove me home to my dad’s place where I, after this onslaught of stimulation from kids and animals alike, I spent the night relaxing, cooking up a batch of vegetable soup, chilling on the couch with a paper and a beer and subsequently a magazine and another beer. I eventually turned in sooner than I’d done any Friday as far back as I can remember.. Good times!

Saturday was good times as well. Birthe was away for the evening, watching the Denmark – Malta footie game, so my dad and I got to fend for ourselves for most of the night including dinner. As far as dinner went, we settled on a pot roast which was gently braised in a combination of yesterday’s soup, stock and a nice, 2007 vintage stout and served over mashed potatoes.. Yum! For starters, we went with a nice Argentinian Chardonnay which, come main course time was switched for a 2003 Burgundy which in turn was voted way to boring and swapped out for a more potent 2005 Australian Shiraz.. Or something along those lines.. Sacrilege, I know, but fear not, the Burgundy was eventually consumed after dinner while watching Pan’s Labyrinth, a huge disappointment.

After sharing this third bottle of wine, we agreed that Birthe probably wasn’t going to be too happy with our state of intoxication once she showed up, so we figured we might just as well let it all out, put on some Bruce Springsteen and dive into my dad’s supply of microbrews.. And hey, so we did! And, hey, as could be expected, she was none too thrilled once she arrived back, not that we cared too much by then, we were quite busy enjoying a rock-a-licious rendition of “Youngstown”. Eventually, after discussing the state of the union, ie Mie and Dennis ending their relationship (as they’re apparently in the process of), we set off to bed at like 3 AM.

I spent Sunday doing as little as humanly possible, sleeping in, eating, going for a walk with my old man, eating again, reading the paper, eating dinner which Birthe had prepared, watching TV, saying goodnight to the old timers at around 9 PM, drinking a beer, eating again, surfing the web while drinking another beer, going to bed, being denied sleep by a vicious and un-expected allergy attak, spending half the night texting back and forth with Louise until eventually passing out puffy eyed and all at around 4 AM.

I’d every intention of getting up early today (Monday) but after a cruddy night’s sleep and my sudden and involuntary transformation into a hibernating bear, I just couldn’t pull off such a stunt. Instead, I ended up sleeping till noon when I reluctantly got up, poured myself a nice, big cup of coffee, made breakfast, poured myself another cup of coffeee and drank that one down, too, while eating breakfast and reading the paper. After a third cup of coffee and a shower, and my dad showing up and starting a vacuuming session which sent both me and the cats scrambling, I felt awake and ready enough to venture outside and explore Nyborg. Which turned out to be a bit of a lengthy quest which guided me through the city and into a bunch of stores where from one I purchased a fuck load of chipotle since this was the first time ever I’ve been able to locate this stuff in Denmark. After having passed on a huge bargain on Ripasso and Amarone wines (thanks to Tina who on my command texted me and said “NO!”), I walked on and for some reason got lost and ended walking across all of town until I eventually wound up at the state prison, thinking “this isn’t where I parked my car.. But at least I now know where I am!” – after finding my bearings, and stopping by another store to buy some quality coffee beans, I returned towards home by way of downtown.

On this rather lengthy detour, I just happened to walk by a florist who had a bunch of rather good looking chili plants in her store window. I already owned two of them, a decorative capsicum anuum, and a fiery bastard of unknown designation.. But a rather pretty looking yellowish one caught my eye. Upon inquiry, she couldn’t tell me anything other about it than it being edible and that she reckoned it was some sort of sweet pepper which, for some reason, applying my logic, meant I just had to buy it because well, it was a pretty looking chili, it was edible (yes, I – and my wallet alike – have become huge fans of home grown dinner ingredients), and well, it looked more like a yellow habanero than a sweet pepper to me.. We’ll see what it turns out to be.

I eventually made it home some three hours after setting out, bearing all sorts of weird gifts for myself and a couple of sore feet. It was good times, though, and once I did return home, it wasn’t long before dinner was ready which was another welcome surprise. After dinner and some chilling on the couch, I managed to catch a ride home with my dad who was off to work in Kolding tonight and as such could offer me a much appreciated ride home. All in all, it was a pretty good time and certainly the best I’d spent in Nyborg on a long, long time which was awesome, in a weird kinda way. I’m really starting to get along nicely with both my parents which is something I haven’t been able to do for years.. Even prior to their divorce which, by the way will be six years ago come winter, I guess.. Whoa.. But that’s another story.. This weekend = good times.


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