It’s starting to smell a lot like Xmas

Just the other day, my buddy, Michael, invited me to a Facebook grouped called something along the lines of “Stop Xmas in October.” For a couple of minutes, I felt really compelled to join, I have, after all, in the past been quite outspoken about my disdain for all things Xmas-like.. Yet, for obvious reasons, I couldn’t join.. What reasons you may ask? And I’ll tell you.. For starters, a lot of my really dear friends love Xmas, so I kinda feel like an idiot for always throwing punches at the season, but more importantly, I, believe it or not, am this year a major instigator of Xmas in October in that I’m actually taking active part in planning the year’s first Xmas party which is to be held tonight, October 18th!

By now, you’re probably shaking your head, going “eh, what?” but don’t worry, it gets much better! I’m not only attending the party, I’m also supplying part of the food in the shape of a duck roast! Yes, duck.. And yes, if you’re thinking “Isn’t that kinda weird? Doesn’t Johan hate duck?” you’re quite right.. But don’t worry, there’s a perfectly good explanation for all of this.. Okay, really, there isn’t, but there’s a really dumb one to boot.. See, a couple of weeks ago when Louise, Dunkel, Frank, Jens and I were spending a Tuesday night getting hammered at Dunkel’s (as you do!), Dunkel got to talking about how he’d oft times toyed with the idea of officially being the first to throw an Xmas party come Xmas season.. Well, one thing let to another, and we eventually got to semi-talking about throwing one in mid-October.

A couple of weeks later, Dunkel and I were at his place, sharing a bottle of schnapps and a few beers on a Wednesday evening and eventually thought “Eh, fuck it, we’ll do it!”, created an event on Facebook, sent out invites and started some more serious planning. During this planning session, I, for unknown reasons – even to myself, threw out that if we were to do something as silly as this, I’d supply the roast duck, on account of me hating duck and me then cooking it being a great funny joke (at least in my intoxicated mind it was, at the time). So, much to the confusion of Louise and others, I put out on Facebook that I’d gladly supply the duck.

Which of course obligated me to do so.. Which is why I’m now wandering around in my kitchen nursing a two pound breast of duck which is slowly browning away in the oven while my apartment is starting to smell a lot like Christmas.. In fucking mid-October.. Oh, the irony of it all! Oh well, good times, and I gotta admit that I can’t really wait to get wasted on schnapps and Xmas brew tonight.. 😉


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