Wasted youth!

So, apparently I can roast a duck.. That’s what I heard from people at the party anyways. I did muster the courage to try a bite myself, but not being much of a duck eater (actually more of a duck disliker), I didn’t really know what flavors to look for.. Oh well, at least it didn’t taste bad as such. Anyways, the party was a huge success from pretty much every standpoint:

The food was plenty, I’d brought roast duck, Louise brought pork roast and rice pudding for dessert (so much of each in fact that I had to trickle down and help her carry everything – which suited me well because the boys were starting to talk a lot about schnapps at the time she cried for help), Under brought pickled herrings a plenty, Jens offered meatballs and sausage (I think) and Frank took care of some fried fillet of fish..  Svart and Champ supplied some four pounds of bacon, red cabbage, mushrooms and other goodies. On top of that we had bread, which Jens for some reason had purchased in excess of ten pounds of, and schnapps which Dunkel and Under for obvious reasons had purveyed five bottles off plus a bottle of egg nog.. There were eight of us present for the party after all.

Things got off to a flying start as we started killing off the first couple of dishes to make room for the rest of the food. We’d planned on a buffet-like set-up, but since we had way too much food to fit on the table, we kinda had to eat our way through some dishes to make room for the rest.. Awesome! The shots of schnapps were flying low, too, thanks partially to a strange tradition which involved everybody taking a shot of schnapps every time Jens hit his cow bell.. Yes, Jens owns a cow bell.. Hey, he’s a drummer after all.

Around an hour in, we were all going on our fifth or sixth schnapps and come dessert time things were starting to become semi-chaotic. Unlike last year, there weren’t any food fights this year, but there sure was a lot of noise, yelling and singing.. And schnapps! At one point, Louise and I both looked at eachother and almost simultaneously realized that we were only on our second beer, but probably well into the eighth chaser or so.. This called for compensation, of course.. And when Dunkel started offering one pint Paulaner beers at pretty much random things really kicked off.. So much so that I’ve so forth heard five different accounts of how the night ended, none of them very consistent with one another:

The Louise version:

According to Louise, the party ended shortly before midnight after both Frank, Jens, Under, Iben and I had left some time before and Dunkel was too wasted to go on.

The Johan version:

According to me, the last thing I remember is the clock hitting 0:47, followed by blackness and me waking in my bed the next morning, fully dressed, facing the wrong way, a sprained thigh muscle, scratch wounds on my right knuckles and little, white hairs all over my black coat (which I understand to be from a cat that we apparently found outside Dunkel’s apartment and decided to cuddle)

The Dunkel version:

Dunkel, being about as fucked up as me isn’t too sure about what happened but has a video on his phone proving that the party at least didn’t end exactly when Louise said it did. He furthermore believes to recall the clock hitting 1:30 or 2 AM.

The Kent version

Kent, a guy living downstairs from Dunkel came up just yesterday and made complaints of wreckage and noise lasting well into the wee hours, or at least seemingly so.

The Jens version:

Jens, yesterday stated that he remembers Under and Iben being the first to leave. He also seemingly remembers Frank leaving at just past midnight and him leaving at 12:30 to go hook up with a couple of girls of some sort. He claims that when he left, I was still there.

So, umm, yea.. A little bit of inconsistency there.. And who is right, I really can’t tell.. All I know is I’m probably wrong 😉 And that I don’t think I’ve ever been at a party which so many different outcomes depending on who you ask.. Oh, and it was good fun! Thanks guys! (and gal, lest we forget!) 😀 Oh, and the hangovers were a bitch, but that’s an entirely different story which will have to wait for the next post.


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