600th post!

No, I know, I can’t believe it either, but this really is my 600th post.. I mean, really! And then again, it has been almost three years, I guess.. And, quite ironically, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to Mötley Crue’s classic “Kickstart My Heart”. And what better way to describe these three years of madness than to borrow a line from the Crue? “Years gone by, but I’d say we’ve kicked some ass!”

Evidently, 600 posts over less than three years of drunken rants make for more than 200 rants a year, some serious, some less so, some downright disturbing.. There have certainly been a fair share of ass kickings and liver beatings for that matter. Paranormal experiences, love affairs, concert reviews and holiday recollections.. Basically everything you’d expect from a college student growing up and also, I guess, quite a few things that you wouldn’t expect, such as the odd pyromaniac stunts, alcohol-related bodily injuries and some, for me, quite rare and honest confessions.

It’s an odd mix, but apparently it’s working, and I thank you, dear readers, old or new alike, for sticking around and keeping up with my experiences, even poking at me when I don’t update nearly often enough.. It really makes it all worth it and helps motivate me to keep posting these small (or large) updates.


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