On my best behavior

I’ve got another confession to make.. I’ve been behaving unusually well this week. After spending most of Monday curled up on Dunkel’s couch in a catatonic state of hangover hell, I actually got my shit together on Tuesday and started doing what I ought to have done a long time ago, namely focus on school and my trailing web communication exam.

I spent most of Tuesday writing an abstract/plan for my exam project and actually felt pretty good about it. Wednesday, I went to school for my programming classes for a change – which seemed to shock quite a few people. I’m glad I went, though, because it made me realize a few things, such as the fact that I need an updated revision of our text book since mine seems to be 7 odd years outdated. Thursday brought another day dedicated to my exam project. I started developing a few angles on it, pursuing them and writing a few pages which made me feel pretty damn proud of myself and my accomplishments. Apparently I can really get things done if only I force myself into gear. I’ve been rather upset with my own efforts lately and hating myself for being lazy, absent minded and indifferent – so actually getting things done for a change really made the Johan feel good! 😀

So good, in fact, that he decided it was okay to celebrate a little.. So I texted up Dunkel and asked if he wanted to have a few beers with me.. And was wholly denied! Dunkel was in no mood for drinking and didn’t know anybody who were. Sulking, I texted back and forth with him for a while about everything and nothing until suddenly, in an all too familiar move, he came about totally and wrote “Ah fuck it, if you bring along a quality brew, we’ll do it!” – and so I did.. I went on down to the local supermarket, got a couple of bottles of Chimay Triple, brought along a bottle of my cheaper sipping rums and went on down to Dunkel’s.. Where we actually managed to behave somewhat reasonably for a change.

We had a nice, cozy evening listening to music, drinking the brew, sipping rum and sharing anecdotes of binges gone by. Good times! We were eventually joined by Einar and Jens and things got a little rowdier. Einar in his usual fashion downed about 18 beers in the three or four hours he was present and Jens showed a great preference for our extra strength Xmas beers that we’d brought home from Germany and I reckon Dunkel and I were none too sober either.. But it was all in good fun! Einar was the first to give up. After rambling incoherently and dancing about in the couch by himself in a techno-like fashion for a while, he decided it was probably better to go home as to be ready for work the next day.. Good show! Jens followed not too long after and at around 3:40 AM, Dunkel and I, too, decided to call it quits after cleaning up a bit and taking out the trash.

So, I ended up getting home at around 4 AM and in true Johan fashion, I, of course couldn’t sleep.. So I logged onto MSN, looking to bother some foreign friends of sorts. Strangely, though, I didn’t find any online. I did however find a Danish friend, Helene, online who had apparently been working nights or something and was still up. So, having never talked to her online before, I naturally decided what better thing to do than to bother her for a while.. Which actually turned into a pretty interesting discussion about blogging, Web 2.0 and sharing of personal information online carrying on to somewhere in the vicinity of 6 AM.. Sheesh! Surprisingly, it turned out that the dear girl has actually been following and enjoying this blog for quite a while which not only completely stumped me, but also made me quite happy. I always enjoy meeting new readers and finding out that they’re enjoying what I do. It was also really weird, in a good kinda way, to get to know that the word is apparently going around about my blog and that she’d heard about it from other people at uni.. That’s crazy like.. But good, I suppose. I’ve always wondered where those 1-300 readers a day came from, I guess now I know at least quite a few of them are regulars.. That’s nice. Big shoutout to you guys, I’m glad you’re enjoying the ramblings! 🙂

But yea, the discussion eventually ended and after some 6 AM cleaning (yea, I know that sounds weird, but hey insomnia seriously messes you up), I finally turned in at around 6:30 and slept all the way through to 11 AM.. Yum!

As for today, well, i got up without a hangover after a binge for a change which was great, I got out, ran around in the rain for a while, checking on Tina’s plants and shopping a bit.. And behaving well again in another odd move. On other Fridays, I’d usually be at least slightly intoxicated at this point in time, yet today I’ve spent most of the day cooking chili.. Yes, really.. To make a long story short, I found a 2 kg package of stewing grade beef on sale for next to nothing at my local supermarket and, having always been a fan of slow cooked food, I figured.. Hey, why not turn it into chili? I’ve been looking to experiment with a few alternative twists to my usual recipe after all.

I’m not really sure if it was the beers of yesterday or my general absentmindedness but the implications and sheer scale of this project naturally didn’t hit me before I’d set out on my cooking adventure. So, yea, for hour on end now I’ve been dicing and browning meat, toasting spices, chopping and sweating veggies, adding tomatoes, beer, coffee, chipotles and what have you.. I’ve been to the store four times on account of forgetting pretty basic (and some not so basic) ingredients.. But it’s been worth it, I hope, for the past few hours I’ve had my biggest pot simmering away in the oven with somewhat in the vicinity of five kilos of chili con carne in it.. Ridiculous! Ah, and of course I totally neglected the fact that new twists are best tried on smaller portions of food, so I don’t even have a guarantee that things will turn out good.. Way to go, Johan! Oh, well, at least it was good fun.


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