Holy shinto!

Well, you may (again) be wondering what’s up with the lack of updates. Thing is I’ve hardly even been home for the past five days except to sleep and then rush right back out the door. I’d love to stay and chat about it, but thing is, I pretty much gotta get going again. I’ve gone and gotten myself invited to an emergency meeting tomorrow morning regarding the Student House’s future – by none other than the mayor of this fair town.. I reckon I at least owe it to be prepared.. Especially now that I’m elected apparently chair of the place.. Oh yea, that’s right, that happened, too, over the week.. What a strange few days it’s been.. More on that later, too, I guess. I’ve got another couple of meetings coming up in these next few days plus work tomorrow and an assignment that needs to be worked on. Inbetween that I hope to be able to post more updates.. Taa for now!


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