Round, round, get around, I get around

What a busy week and a half it’s been, not only have I been pretty much too busy to post any updates, I’ve also been in the midst of a media blitz and a diplomatic circus of sorts that have forced me to keep my mouth shut until things were pretty much back under control and somewhat settled. I’ll try to post somewhat of an update as to what has happened over the last week and a half, but it will probably be of the fast forward kinda variety as there’s just been too many things taken place to mention and/or fully account for.

I woke up Monday morning last week to a slur of emails containing scanned press clippings featuring a cover story and series of articles regarding the Student House.

To make a long story, well less long, we, the members of the board have been struggling for a long time to clear up accounting and daily routine issues which are issues that have proven hard for volunteer students with limited time on their hands to fully take care of. After having spent a lot of effort and money on clearing things up, we’ve been forced to realize that leaving unpaid students to do such a job is both a very demanding and ungrateful chore. Hence, we’ve been looking for ways to employ a paid manager to keep track of finances, do basic accounting and make sure things were running smoothly. Not having the means to do so ourselves, we’ve been forced to ask the various educational institutions around town for financial help on the issue. They were, in general, interested in helping out but negotiations eventually stalled when they would only agree to pay half of the amount we asked for on grounds of some institutions not being willing to pay as much as others. After begging them on our bleeding knees to reconsider nothing much happened until the story hit the press this Monday.

Which caused a right uproar around time with politicians, deans and members of the municipality falling over eachother’s legs to comment on the story and the value of having a place for students to meet up and engage in various activities. When local TV picked up on the story, the thing really spun out of control and I was pending most of Monday at uni trying to pay attention in class while at the same time keeping up with the story and taking part in the storm of emails that were flying around. An emergency board meeting was eventually called on Tuesday morning and things once again became a bit heated when our chairman expressed unhappiness with the press circus.. and hence resigned. Which basically forced me, being vice chairman and all to stand up and assume the position.. Which wasn’t at all what I had bargained for, but damnit, having fought for so long, I wasn’t about to just give up. Besides, having an active student, involved in the house from the very beginning, as a human face on the whole charade probably wasn’t such a bad thing.

I spent most of Tuesday getting accustomed to my new role as well as working on my exam paper and bitching over my brand new phone which was dying on me. I ended up thinking the day couldn’t possibly get any worse until time came for me to go to work and I found out that my bike had a flat tire. Whining to myself and looking to Louise and Tina for comfort, I set off to work on foot and actually made it there only about five minutes late.. Go me. I spent four hours there and actually managed to borrow a replacement phone from a co-worker.. Which worked pretty fine, aside from the number 3 on the keypad not working. Luckily, Louise’s number had no 3’s in it, so I managed to give her a call and taking her up on her offer of dropping by the next day to borrow one of her old phones.. Thanks, sweets, and sorry for waking you from your slumber 😉

In the first really lucky move of the day, I managed to catch a ride home with my boss and pretty much immediately passed out and slept for about 10 hours. I woke up Wednesday realizing that my phone would probably not be covered with warranty since I may or may not have dropped it once or twice and gotten it a little wet on some occasions, so I sucked it up, went downtown and browsed for a new one. In a lucky stroke of luck, I got a really, really good deal on a new Sony Ericsson 5MP camera phone. Not long after returning home, I got an SMS from Louise that she’d just gotten off work and that I was welcome to drop by for the phone.. Well, I already had a phone, but I hadn’t seen her in ages, had some eggs for her (long story), and had gotten some chocolate with her name on it at work the other night (an equally long story).. So I figured I would just drop by anyways.. Which I’m glad I did because seeing her again was awesome. We basically just hung out, chatted, watched TV, had coffee and goofed off for a while, catching up before I reluctantly had to go as Dunkel had kidnapped me for dinner that night.. And movies.. And drinks it seemed..

So, yea I managed to stagger home some time Thursday morning and get some sleep before getting up, having breakfast and heading back down to Dunkel’s to watch some more movies, goof off some more and have a few more drinks. We were eventually joined by Kent and Ulrik who dragged us to some shady bar across the street where we hung out with the locals for a while, spending way too much money before returning to Dunkel’s for a late night snack and a beer. The scene of last night pretty much repeated itself and I staggered home, only to sleep for a while and being woken by Dunkel who once again needed company.

Now, I had some things to take care off on Friday and so I did first, before donning my fancy clothes and heading down to Dunkel’s.. We were attending a Halloween party at Ricki’s later that evening, but first we were gonna try and do some recording work for his band which was rather fun. After dinner, we made an agreement to share a cab with Louise to Ricki’s as she lived just down the street, so we called for a cab and went down to pick her up. As we did, I moved to give her a hug and she shoved me off rather fiercely and, before I had a chance to get too befuddled or pissed pointed to her neck which showed a nasty gash and quite a lot of theatre blood.. So yea, thanks once more.. Didn’t really matter too much, though, after one hell of a party at Ricki’s and quite a lot of free booze, I managed to trip on my own account on my way home and mess up my suit and shoes.. Lovely. Before doing so, though, I did drop by the Uboat to say hi to Tina who I hadn’t seen for ages and Christian, who I don’t remember seeing, sorry, but HI! All in all, I don’t remember too much about things at the Uboat, so yea.. Let’s just fast forward a bit more, this post is getting lengthy already after all.

I woke Saturday to a hefty hangover and a four hour cooking session involving a pot roast for tonight’s dinner that I was cooking for Tina, Jakob and Christian.. Okay, so, yea, long cooking sessions, insane hangovers and potent fumes from various pots and pans don’t mix too well, so after much complaining and whining, I was happy when Christian showed up to have a few beers with me. I was even happier when Tina and Jakob arrived especially since they came bearing gifts.. In the shape of a pack of bacon, six eggs and some tomatoes for the morning after.. Lovely! We did have a lovely time, but it was cut short by everybody being either tired, worn out or both. Tina and Jakob gave up rather quickly and Christian and I spent some more time listening to music and talking before he, too, had to return home.

Sunday was one of the last home games of the season for KFC and of course I had to go.. Me and, well, about two others.. At any rate only Ricki, Louise and I showed up for the pre-game beers at Domhuset.. We had fun, though, even at the game despite it being devilishly cold and not many more showing up at the stadium. Things got even more sad when we returned to Domhuset (after our first home victory of the season, I might add) and lost Ricki along the way. So, if it hadn’t been for Dennis and Jesper joining us, Louise and I might’ve felt pretty lonely at Domhuset, or so we thought as we sat there chatting, having a beer and trying to keep warm. Anyways, Frank, the manager, eventually arrived and we executed our evil plan of introducing warmth to our bodies by having a couple of Irish Coffees, so we walked to the bar and offered a couple of those and, incidentally, were served the best damn Irish Coffees I’ve ever had! No doubt! And they did warm you, through, as you’d expect from something which had three shots of Jameson in it. Feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy inside, we remained at the bar, chatted and ordered a second round. Jesper and Dennis, at some point, slipped out pretty much unnoticed (damn you and your Irish coffees, Frank! 😉 ) and things went really f’ing downhill from there as Louise and I kicked into a deep conversations and cocktail kinda mood.. Good f’ing times, though. After many good moments, funny anecdotes and downright silly things, all too numerous to mention here, I came to a moment of clarity and realized I had school the next day at 9 and as such had better get the fuck home. I made my goodbyes and headed out into the night, making it a full 100 yards before getting a call from Louise who had just remembered that she’d spent her last dime and was wondering if she could borrow some money. So, back I went, got another big hug from Louise and a, by now, familiar comment of “hah, I knew you guys had something going on” from one of the regulars. Being a little too tired of trying to explain things to him, I just sorta shrugged, kept my arm around Louise while ordering her a drink, getting some cash back from Frank, slipping it to her and giving her a loving squeeze before heading back out the door. I’m not sure that did anything to curb his confusion, but then we’d pretty much had fun laughing at his confused reaction to our friendship all night, so it seemed the only reasonable thing to do.

Heading home, the drinks of the night hit me like a jackhammer and I couldn’t help but laughing at myself for being so bad at keeping my promises to myself of not drinking too much.. But oh well, man did we have fun and I’d probably do it all over again.. And I think I’m gonna go ahead and cut this post off here.. Three more days to go, but things don’t get less busy or complicated from here, so I guess we all need a break. Or, well, I know I do. I just typed the equivalent of a 2000 word essay instead of working on my exam paper 😛


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