Oh Christmas beer, oh Christmas beer..

Ah, it’s that time again.. The MOST wonderful time of the year.. The skies are grey, the rain is pouring down and Christmas is finally here!! .. Or, well, at the very least, the Christmas beers are here. Loyal readers of this blog, and people from Denmark in general, will know that every year, at the beginning of November, on a very special Friday, Danish brewery giant, Tuborg, release their limited run X-mas beer, or snow beer as we like to call it around here.

In keeping with tradition, I celebrated this first “snowfall” of the season at the Uboat, but unlike some other years, I was not attempted incarcerated by either local police, the army or the national guard on my way down there. And a bit wiser from years gone by, I did not show up at high noon this year to eagerly await the 9 PM launch from the comfort of the bar. Rather, I waited until around 5:30 before I dared venture outside and make my way towards the Uboat. On the way there, I ran into both Emelie and Michael who both had to hear all about the recent events in the Student House saga, so I was pretty glad to finally make it inside after about a half hour in the cold.

After making the rounds and saying hello and a bit of rude name-calling on Louise and Lea’s part, I settled down at the bar to have a few beers and talk a bit with Louise, Melanie, Michael and whoever else wanted to listen. It was all rather nice and cozy from the get-go but it really wasn’t long before I started screwing up. I don’t know exactly when and why things went wrong, but one thing led to another in the sing-along song department and Queen turned into Robbie Williams turned into Take That which again turned into Johan and a couple of other blokes he’d just met singing along badly to “Want You Back For Good” in the worst way possible.. It was all really just fun and games until I turned and saw a brightly smiling (downright beaming) Louise holding up her damn camera phone and capturing all the action.. Man, I’m starting to kinda miss the good, old days when those weren’t around 😉

Anyways, I had a pretty good time spending the first part of the night talking with Louise, Anders, Sclichter, Lea and a few others including my new-found sing-along buddy, Jesper, I think, who aside from being married and having a kid, had never experienced a snowfall before and held all women to be psychopaths.. Yea.. Oh well, at least I had a pretty good time telling him about how my lovely ex-girlfriend to my left had infact just been deemed legally insane by some other patron not even a week ago at the bar, so I guess that at least in some aspect he was right.

So, yea, good times.. Louise and Lea had a bar shift from 9 PM and after talking a bit with Anders about the time to come for the Student House, recommendations and what have you, I was happy to move on to talk with Tina for a bit since I’d noticed her and Jakob and her brother had just arrived and I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to her for a while. So I jumped on over to their table, grabbed a chair and a free X-mas brew and sat down to talk.. Only to come to a horrible realization. After taking two sips of my new-found X-mas beer (the first bottle served that evening snapped right out of some other guy’s grasp), I realized that it just wasn’t doing anything for me.. On the contrary, it actually tasted pretty damn bad to me.. For shame! FOR SHAME! I really couldn’t believe it but after another couple of sips, I had to bite the bullet and beg Louise to serve me a regular extra strength lager instead which, luckily hit the spot in a much better way.

Thus relieved of my misery, I ventured back to the table and sat down for a brief talk with Tina. I quickly figured out things weren’t really as they were supposed to be and after digging around some, I found out that her brother wasn’t doing too good and on top of that was feeling a bit lonely as he didn’t know anybody around. I figured I’d do my civil duty and try to talk to him for a bit which initially proved a bit difficult as we have about nothing in common.. Other than a love for alcohol which sorta became the ice breaker and led to us dwelling on such funny moments as our first meeting, him thinking I was gay or whatever and him making fun of me for not knowing how to change a tire.. Somehow that got the ball going and he quickly loosened up and started to explain the reasons for him not feeling so well, I offered whatever input I could and actually had the pleasure of seeing Tina pretty flabbergasted about us actually conversing.. Even more so when I started asking into his hobbies and we started into the whole car business.. Because as she so diplomatically put it “What the fuck do you know about cars anyways?” 😉

Anyways, good times! Jakob eventually stole my other new friend of the evening and I was left having fun at the bar, chatting with the lovely bartenders and getting one of Dunkel’s ex band mate’s new lead singer drunk off his fucking feet.. Coz that’s just how I roll and I’m just that good of a person. Dunkel, too, eventually showed up with some of his friends and all hell broke lose as him and I tore into another session of competitive drinking.. And that’s kinda when things started to get blurry. I remember Louise getting off her shift which must’ve been at midnight, then, I also remember sitting in the couch talking with her and Signe, then with Jesper again, who at that time wasn’t entirely coherent and were telling me some pretty strange tales. I also remember one of the Junker twins (I’m sorry, Louise and others, I just still can’t tell them apart!) cuddling and what have you with Pony, which was just plain weird.. And there’s even some recollection of wheeling somebody around in a wheel barrow and drinking Screwdrivers at the bar which was weird, because such things are not even available at the Uboat.. Hmm..

After a while, things just sorta died out. Louise had left to go home and get some sleep (work at 7 AM on a Saturday should be outlawed!), Tina, Jakob and Tina’s brother had hit the town, as had Dunkel and his friends.. And I guess I was just generally getting sleepy by the constant attack on my liver. Eventually I decided to call it quits and head out for a late night snack before heading home. Somehow that led to a very drunken escapade at 4:30 AM with me telling the local pizza guy that since I’d just paid DKK 70 for a pizza made to order, I was damn well entitled to a free Coke.. Somehow he didn’t really buy my logic and enraged I moved on to the next pizza shop down the street where I ended up running into an old colleague, Max, and spending even more on a Coke than I would have at the first place.. That’ll teach those fascist bastards! I think..

I could’ve spared myself some time and money after all, because after I’d made it home and struggled until around 5:30 AM, I’d still only managed to eat half the pizza and drink half the Coke. Oh well, I guess at least the leftovers came in handy the next morning.


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