Under Pressure

Yeah, so I guess nobody said that studying for a Master’s degree was supposed to be easy, and I guess I can now say from experience that it isn’t.. After a super fun Saturday which began with just having Dunkel and Louise over for a few drinks and a movie and culminated in a Euro Trip drinking game and a loud-ass, insanely drunken bash which eventually got crashed by Louise’s brother and one of his friends and from which some of us first woke at 4 PM Sunday (ahem), it was time to get serious.. Or well, it was time to spend Sunday with Louise watching South Park and being hung over before curling up on my own again and being out cold for most of the day.. But after that it really was time to get serious!

So, come Monday morning, tired as hell after laying away worrying about stupid shit all night, I went down to uni, attended my morning classes, then went home and dove right into my Web Communications project which I’m finally making headway on. After working for a few hours before getting dizzy and eventually seeing double, I napped for about an hour and then dove right back into things and kept at it all day. By the time night came, I was all dizzy and worn out so I ventured on down to Dunkel to watch a movie before bedtime. Well, two, really because by the time “Night At The Museum” had rolled by, he asked if I’d ever watched “Glory” adnd I told him no and that I didn’t really intend to that night either. But well, you’d think Dunkel knew about my interest in Civil War era US history because he put it on anyways and when it was on, I naturally couldn’t leave.. And I’m glad I didn’t because what a treat this was! Anyways, I ended up staggering home at close to 1 AM, getting home even later and true to tradition wasn’t able to sleep. Sleep eventually did come at around 3-ish and felt real good for all of the six hours that it lasted.

Waking up on Tuesday after a total of 7 hours of sleep out of 48 was a less tha enjoyable experience, but I had things to do, namely a Web Communication project (starting to see a pattern here. I worked on it for all of four hours before I had to abandon ship as I’d promised to join Dunkel on a road trip to Sealand to look at a new bad-ass Marshall amp, an experience I hope to be able to blog about tomorrow barring something more interesting happening.. Which I sincerely doubt since I know what I’m in for: Yes, you guessed it, more Web Communication stuff.. Which is, incidentally, also what I did for the entire day today (well, I slept in some, too) as well, bar a small break to clear my aching head and go see what Louise was up to.. Which was actually the only upside to the day, so I’ll spare you the details of the hours spent writing on and researching for my paper.

So, yea, sorry if the update seems a bit trivial, but life has been a little trivial so far this week. I am, in fact, as the title says just a wee bit under pressure as regards finishing everything up on time and I have a feeling that it’s not really gonna get much better before Xmas, so I guess I’d best just buckle up and enjoy the ride.. Wee!


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