Staying (un)true to my word

Kids, do you love those 15+ hour work days? I know I do! Or I don’t! I forget which one! Whenever I’m not keeping relatively busy, I feel guilty, thinking “hey, you should be doing this or that” on the other hand, keeping up with friends and all that jazz is important, too.. Aaand, I have been promising myself that I’d try to steer clear of those 12+ hour days.. Or 15+ hour days for that matter..

Then why, God, why am I once again burning the candle both ends and pulling another one of those dreaded long days (and nights) of school, home work and work? Sheer, bad luck, mainly.. Louise and I are going to this old school reunion party tomorrow. See, we found out months and months ago that we went to the same public school (albeit with a year or two between us) and ever since, we’ve been so psyched about going to this reunion thing together to say hi to our old teachers and what have you.

Well, as luck would have it, my boss, Tom, decided to take this very week off work and as a result I’ve been called in for extra shifts on many days of this week, including tomorrow, the night of our reunion. Needless to say, I was more than a little devastated to find out and quickly stressed off to find a way of possibly getting the night off. As it turned out the only liable solution was to trade shifts with my colleague, Jakob, who was all too happy to help out once he found out the nature of things. The only problem being that the only shift he could offer as a trade-in was Monday.. Meaning Monday would be a day of school from 9 – 4, working on my assignment till 7-ish, eating dinner and then rushing off to work at 8:30, getting home at somewhere around 1 AM. Yea, good times.. But hey, it’ll be worth it!

Argh! Alas, I must make haste, I’m running behind just typing this 10 minute update.. There’s dinner to be had and jobs to perform. I’ll be back with updates from the weekend, not too sure whether those will be posted tonight, though. I’ve a feeling I’ll be ever so slightly tired after returning from work.


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