Where is the (man) love?

Well, it’s been a quiet week and weekend thus far in Johan-land. Err, quiet in the aspect that I haven’t had much time for frolicking around and part-taking in the usual antics, less quiet so in the aspect that I’ve been struggling pretty hard with both my web communication project and extra shifts at work, landing me a lot of those lovely 12+ hour working days that I’ve come to love (read: despise) so much.. Couple that with infrequent sleeping patterns and bad dreams and you’ve got a pretty spent Johan who has thus far managed to fall asleep standing not once, but twice during the week. Who’d have thunk that was even possible?

But anyways, it hasn’t all been work. Like already mentioned, I had a damn good time with Louise Tuesday which ended me at a way too late hour, causing me to sleep in till within 20 minutes of a meeting with Sinore Corradini Wednesday morning. Oh well, apparently the good thing about meetings with Italians is that they’re used to people running fashionably late. Thursday, I guess, involved mostly work, work and more work.

Friday, though, I got to relax at least a little. I did spend the morning and early afternoon working on my projects, but the late afternoon I got to take some time off as I had to meet with my mom for a photo op of sorts. See, we’ve been wondering for a while what to give my grandma for X-mas and my mom eventually decided that having our picture taken together, having it framed and then sending it off would be a swell idea. I’d have to agree, except I kinda hate having my picture taken. Which would explain why most pics in existence of me feature me intoxicated at some level. So, yea, well, I got to dress up nicely for like the 28th time in ten days and then headed off to the photographer to meet up with my mom. I’d planned to listen to some Mötley Crue on the way, but was pleasantly surprised when my phone rang on the way out the door and I got to spend the 20 minute walk talking to Zascha rather than listening to glam metal.

I completely forget how long it’s been since I last talked to my estranged little sister, but I know it’s been way too long and just hearing her voice again was awesome.. As was catching up on this and that and getting to bicker back and forth a bit like in the good old days.. Apparently she didn’t completely agree with my sentiments that I’m pretty much in need of blowing DKK 12,500 on a MacBook Pro.. Hmpf! 😉 Anyways, after a way too short chat, we had to hang up as Zascha had to move on with some work-related stuff and I’d bumped into my mother who’d dragged me along to the photographer.

Working with a professional photographer can be tiresome, not only do you get forced into uncomfortable positions and are demanded to smile and what not. On account of having known said photographer for 25 odd years, you also stand to face the by now familiar questions of: “My, haven’t you grown tall since I last saw you?” and the, in the course of the past few weeks, vastly overused: “So, you’re almost 30 now?” .. No, I’m 27 thank you very much, that’s bad enough, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s exactly one person in this world I’ll put up with hearing this question from, whoever else is next to pose the question faces a severe ass-kicking.. In so far as it’s actually possible for me to whoop anybody’s ass.

Anyways, after struggling through the hardships of posing for various pictures, I went home for a quick (and much appreciated) dinner, before once again zooming off to work, a task which is always tedious on a Friday but even more so today. Apparently winter has come early to Denmark this year and walking around in sub-freezing temperatures while reading Louise’s text messages about sitting inside, drinking beer and eating dinner while watching the snow drizzle down outside really didn’t help, but somehow I struggled through to midnight, without falling asleep this time, even and was more than happy to jump on my bike and head on home fast as I could.. On account of it being -5 degrees centigrade outside and my body not liking this situation one bit.

I finally made it home at around 0:30, grabbed a cup of tea, checked the net for updates and got ready to settle in for the night. I never really got very far, though, as I then received a distressed phone call from Daphne. She told me that things definitely weren’t well with Tina in the Uboat and asked if I could please drop by.. Well, duh! Need I say I was on my bike and on my way within the minute? .. Still sporting my GLS uniform, of course..

I arrived to the Uboat some five minutes later and staggered inside to huge cheers from the resident crowd. After some initial confusion, I realized they were just happily shitfaced and glad to see me, so I made a quick round, shaking hands with the boys which went nice and civilized for about two seconds before Michael just grabbed hold of me, giving me the world’s biggest hug, apparently intending to warm me as I was still shivering from the cold. This prompted Morten Juncker to somehow free himself from his girlfriend and join in on the fun. I was soon tackled from the other side by Henrik Juncker and Pony who also wanted to join in on the love and started serenating me to the tune of Wham’s “Last Christmas”.. Lovely. Jesper and Claus were next to share the love whereas Esben and Jimmi settled for just shaking hands and and a pat on the should, possibly a little confused from all of the commotion and downright disoriented looking Johan staggering around wearing his working clothes.

Having shared the (man) love at the Uboat, I headed out to find Daphne and Tina and pretty quickly ran into Daphne who briefed me on the situation. Apparently Tina had though Jakob had left her on her own and apparently Jakob had just been sorta maybe kinda sleeping on a toilet somewhere and apparently the whole situation had been solved and they were now on their way home together. Or something to that extend.. Sometimes being the sole sober person in a crowd can be reasonably more confusing than being the sole drunkard. Anyways, I was considerably relieved to hear that things were all fine and dandy and as such headed back to the party, cashing in on a free beer from Daphne for my troubles and just sorta hung around, drinking it, chatting a bit with Jesper about cooking and what have you (as usual).

After finishing my beer, I said my goodbyes, got a few more loving hugs from various guys (WTF?) gave Daphne a poke and told her I was heading off, she pulled me to her and tore into some slurred rant about how nice of a guy I was and how I was Tina’s little sweetheart. I thanked her, remaking however that, giving the whole aspect of size and what not, I was pretty sure that, if anything, Tina was my little sweetheart.. Ah, you gotta love drunk people! 🙂

Anyways, after another stint in the cold, winter air, I finally, once again, arrived back home and settled for the comfort of my couch and a (not so) wee dram of Laphroaig to warm me up before bedtime which eventually came at around 3 AM and was by then very, very welcome.. Ah, blessed sleep!


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