“Dude, we need to do this!”

.. Dunkel said to me, a manic, ecstatic look in his eyes. He was right, of course, I knew that much. It wasn’t so much a question of whether or why, it was more a question of how and when.. What was he referring to? Home brewing, of course!

“Dear God, what now,” I hear some of you sighing (while others are already going: “Yea, do it, DO IT NOW!!”) .. Well, it’s simple, really.. We like beer.. No, wait.. We love beer, we drink a lot of beer, some of it of the microbrew or specialty variety, we often have a little too much time on our hands and could need another hobby.. And we’re geeks.. So what could be more befitting? Hmm?

I’m actually not sure how we got to talking about it today, but at some point we just got to that whole “hey, wouldn’t it be fun to..” moment, then joked around a little before actually starting to research things. Oddly enough, the whole process seems manageable (albeit a bit time-consuming) and reasonably inexpensive. It’s actually an idea that I’ve toyed with before but never really got a head start with because it all seems rather dull on your own.. But I can kinda envision Dunkel and I have a lot of fun sharing a few brews while brewing up our own batch.. It just seems fitting somehow.. And, really, how cool would it be to invite people over for a party and serve up your own brew? I’m just saying!

I can really see this ending up in a lot of fun and/or trouble.. Which is of course why we’ve decided to research on, have a look at the opportunities and maybe get started with a batch for the new year.. Really, when you look at it, it seems the only reasonable thing to do! Or maybe it’s unreasonable.. But hey, good times all the same..


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