Gobble, gobble!

First off, to all my yank friends: Happy Thanksgiving! May all your turkey days be bright! Man, I miss Thanksgiving dinners so, have a beer and an extra serving of white meat for me, eh? I’ll settle for watching the game and eating mock turkey dinner.

With that out of the way.. It’s been a while with the updates, huh? Why, you ask? Well, mainly I’ve been sick so I’ve spent many a day under the covers with my good old friends, iBook, tea, articles and web communication.. It’s been swell! No, not really.. But hey, I shouldn’t complain, there are people who are way worse off than I am. Apparently throat infections are all the rage around here. Louise apparently has it, too, and can’t even leave the house, so after dropping off a bit of food for her yesterday, I suddenly didn’t feel too bad about my own sickies anymore.

Why all this sickies? Well, I have my theories and they mostly have to do with the weather. It’s been absolutely friggin’ crazy around here this past week with temperature fluctuations of like 15 degrees centigrade from one day to the other, rain, wind.. Even snow.. I friggin’ hate snow! And I got to ride my bike home through it two nights in a row. With wind and sub-zero temps thrown in for shits and giggles.. Yeah, no wonder I got sickies in the process. Luckily, though, the guys at work took pity on me and donated to me some insulating underwear that they themselves couldn’t fit.. Being able to squeeze into a size small does have its advantages at times. I just wish they’d remembered to bring it before I actually got sick, but oh well..

So, yea, lots of sickies, lots of tea, lots of soup and lots of writing.. And just a few shots of Scotch thrown in for good measure.. See, after having been sick for fuck knows how long, having done nothing but write on my assignment and having dragged my aching body off to a somewhat pointless but none the less reassuring meeting regarding my assignment, I kinda figured that something needed to be done.. And apparently that something consisted of getting absolutely hammered with Dunkel. So, late on Tuesday afternoon, I tip-toed on down to Dunkel’s with a bottle of whisky in hand.

I arrived, we drank, shopped for dinner, cooked dinner, chilled some beers, drank a few, got a hold of Robert and talked him into letting us come over and have beers with Anne and himself.. We then downed a few more beers and ventured on down to Robert.. Where we arrived slightly more (okay a lot more) intoxicated than the rest of the party.. And still spent most of our time there complaining that we were completely incapable of becoming properly wasted while throwing down beers (and whisky) at an alarming pace. Dunkel and Anne eventually tired of our company and kicked us out at around 0:30, not really knowing what we were to do, we grabbed our booze and a novelty hat of Robert’s and headed out into the cold of the night.

We eventually ended up back at Dunkel’s where we put on some Offspring and started really going to town on the beers.. Which we eventually ran out of. Luckily, though, we’d managed to also snatch a bottle of cheap vodka from Robert which we then went to town on.. And, uhh, then things went black.. But I did eventually make it home somehow.. At some time.. But not without colliding with a pool of white paint on the way and fucking up a pair of jeans.. Lovely! Incidentally I pretty much didn’t notice this fact until the day after.. Where, on the other hand, I also noticed a raging hangover which stuck with me all throughout the day and evening, making work damn near impossible.. Sheesh, I wonder if I’ll ever learn.


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