Coz they’re f’ing awesome, Helene!

A while ago, I was reading up on Helene’s blog. She was recounting her trip to see Slipknot play in Copenhagen.. Now, I’ll refrain from charging into any jealous rants about what a lucky lil.. girl.. she was to have been there in person.. But one thing that did strike me was that while she did (understandably) rant and rave about the awesomeness of the “Jump The Fuck Up” routine:

(God, I just LOVE Corey’s ways of working a crowd)

She showed little to no understanding for another metal/punk/core favorite: the mosh/circle pits. So, my dear Helene, I present for your viewing pleasure – the largest circle pit on record, aka why this shit is awesome:

(disregard the fact that Devildriver suck, and the scared pussy comment)

Still don’t get it? Well, look at it this way.. Metal is about passion and about participation, it’s about “banging that head that does not bang”- be it your own, or that of the person next to you. It’s a rare chance to let lose, go crazy and have a shitload of fun in the process. Pits may look anarchistic and crazy, and it may seem funny that people are lauching into eachother yet as soon as someone falls over, everybody rushes in to pick them up.. But that’s exactly the point! You’re supposed to blow off steam and thrash around violently in unison, but that doesn’t mean anybody has to get hurt in the process.. I should know; I rather involuntarily introduced Tiny Tina to a 200+ moshpit at a Bad Religion concert this summer and she enjoyed herself wholeheartedly, as I recall her trailing comments were “I was in my first ever mosh pit.. WOO! \m/ !!”, and believe you me, she didn’t get half as knocked about and bruised as she did during a casual Prodigy concert later that night.. People even came up to me afterwards, apologizing for bumping into my “girlfriend”.. Heh..

So, yea.. I don’t get it.. People don’t look at you weirdly cuddling or snogging during a pop rock ballad, why’d they do so for moshing at the rock show? 😉


3 responses to “Coz they’re f’ing awesome, Helene!

  1. Hah Johan. Well, yeah… I guess I do get it in a way. I get the passion… it’s more like it sometimes gets a little bit too much. I guess it’s because I’m the silent type of metal fan that just hang around looking/listening (and bangs her head very silently, heh)

    Hey, you gotta go see Slipknot the next time they get here! The No bullshit/jump the fuck up part is so worth it! Almost as good as the explosions at Rammstein koncerts 😀

    Take care! 🙂

  2. I gotta comment ones more. I just watched the circle pit video (I couldn’t do that earlier today because I was at school. My god, that’s crazy!

    Last year when I went to a Machine Head concert they also did this huge circle pit thingy. It looked a lot like this one. It was awesome to watch but I wisely kept out of it 😀 hehe…

  3. Hullo Helene 😀

    Sorry your comment took some time to show up, it somehow got caught in my spam filter.. Umm.. Yea.. No comment! 😉

    Don’t mind me, I was just really bored on a weekend night and was looking at vids on Youtube, stumbled upon the circle pit thing and decided I’d give you a hard time 😉 It’s all good, we all enjoy metal in our own way – at least you bang your head a little, that’s a good girl 😛

    But yea, that clip IS crazy and truth be told, I’d probably have been playing the role of the “scared pussy” for most of the duration.. But then, I did fall over in a large pit once where people weren’t exactly being helpful.. And that, believe me, was not good times!

    Which is not to say that I’ve gotten a hell of a lot wiser, I still go to shows and I still don’t act my age.. Or the part of the quiet fan for that matter.. Just ask anyone who’s seen me after a show 😉 I’ll do the whole thrashing, moshing (though preferably in small pits now), banging of the head, throwing of the horns, screaming at the top of one’s lungs and singing along part.. Irregardless of me growing ever closer to the big 3-0 😉

    And, sigh, you get to see all the good acts.. I’ll definitely be along for Slipknot next time. I was supposed to have gone this time, too, but friends and finances backed out on me and at first I was like “eh, no big deal”.. Being old and part of the old-school of metal, I’ve kinda been hating on Slipknot and the likes for the longest time.. But after actually listening to them for a while and watching some of their live antics.. I feel bummed out about not having seen them yet.

    So yea, next time.. “Maybe,” then, “we can drink beer”? 😉

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