Soup’s on, part deux: The French/Nerd Connection

Yes, it’s another Saturday of being locked up at home, alone, working on exams and what not.. And yes, I’ve been bored.. As a result, I’ve made more soup.. French Onion soup this time around to be exact.. And in my usual spirit of not keeping anything simple, I did so from scratch!

Yes, I know that sounds horribly complicated and/or stupid, but hey.. Call me a nerd, but I do dig food and food science.. And there *is* something strangely rewarding and fulfilling about producing a complicated meal from scratch.. To me at least.. And, heck, it beats doing what I was supposed to be doing, mainly exam projects.

So, how does one produce French Onion soup from scratch? Well, you’d think you’d start with the onions, but that’d be wrong.. Because a vital ingredient of French Onion Soup is broth, stock, consommé (which is really just clarified broth) or what the fuck ever.. So, for me, the adventure actually started last week with my ox-tail soup adventure.. A nine hour adventure which has already been detailed in a previous post.. And then moved on to onions.. A fucking shit ton of onions, actually. I guess they don’t call it onion soup for nothing, because the next, logic step of my plan actually involved peeling and slicing two pounds of onions.. Which was an interesting experience to say the least. I don’t think I’ve actually cried this much since first watching the scene in which they locked up Dumbo’s mom at age or so..

I’m telling you, getting to apply heat to those suckers and watch them reduce down to a fraction of their former selves over the course of about an hour felt QUITE rewarding. As did the smell that started to fill the kitchen, especially when I added some Riesling to the party and let it all reduce down to a syrupy mess before adding about a liter of my thawed ox-tail soup and a good measure of apple cider for acidity.. And that was about it, really, add some parsley, a bay leaf and some thyme, simmer for about twenty minutes and you’ve got French Onion Soup.. In less that 12 hours total! Piece of cake.. Or not.. But it killed time, and tasted well. Especially topped with toasted bread and a fancy combination of Cheddar, Regato, Emmentaler and Parmesan cheeses.. Let’s never speak of the nutritional values of this dish, shall we?

So, that’s that.. Another culinary challenge taken care of.. The only slight problem, I found out, was that you can’t really eat a lot of French Onion Soup.. It gets to be a bit too much.. But then again, I’m not sure that’s really a problem per se, I’m sure I can find someone willing to split the leftovers with me.. And come to think of it, I guess I really shouldn’t worry about nutritional value of the meals I produce.. See, apparently I now have weight issues. And, as oft times before with me, not in the usual, standard way.. No, see, apparently I’m now officially underweight.. In such a way that people have started commenting on it, demanding I bulk up a bit.

They’ve got a point, I guess.. If I can lose weight during mine and Louise’s summer of doing nothing but eating junk food and get wasted, I guess it should come as no surprise that I lost five kilos during my three weeks of choosing studies over binges (drinking or food wise).. It’s not that I haven’t eaten, I really have.. But apparently I need me junk food and my liquid calories to maintain my weight.. Which is, well, pretty damn scary, really.. But that’s that.. I guess for most people this would be a good thing. Losing five pound and being all the more sober in the process.. The thing is, for me, being 180 cm tall and weighing in at a whopping 68 kilos to begin with.. Well, five kilos off that and you start looking pretty emaciated which, I guess, is what got people commenting on the issue..

What a strange world we live in when people, out of love, tell you to start abusing your body more as to not look so sickly..  Huh.. But thanks, Tine, Charlotte and others, I’ll get right to as soon as these damn exams finish!


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