You’re anti, you’re anti-social!

Well, no, I’m not, and I certainly don’t mean to be.. But I am listening to Anthrax and said lyrics did remind about just how boring and lonely life has been lately. Yea, I know, thou shan’t complain, thou chose thy only destiny.. But fawk. A little time off from studies would be nice every now and then. Which is probably why last Friday, I said to myself (Johan, I said) “Sod it, I’ll take the day off!” which I did, spending most of the day on the couch, relaxing and resting my weary head.

Around late afternoon, or early evening, I forget, the days are so depressingly short these days that it’s kinda hard to tell, we’ll go with late afternoon, it was surely before dinner.. Anyways, around late afternoon, I got off my lazy ass and ventured downtown to meet up with my mom at the photographer who’d snapped a few pics of us the week before to pick up the print we wanted. We found one that was actually surprisingly good. Actually, I wish I had a copy because I don’t generally get to look good in pictures, but I digress. My mom then drove me home and, before dropping me off, I got to hand over her soup pot that I’d borrowed with the promise of borrowing it again some other day.

I then set out on making an early spaghetti bolognese dinner, as I wanted to head on down to the Uboat to see what was up and possibly annoy people, besides I’d heard that Tina and Jakob would show up early for the night’s escapades. Well, I could’ve kinda saved myself the trouble because by the time I showed up, barely anybody was there, so I ordered up a beer and just hung back for a while, taking in the sights. After a while, I ran into Holm and together we shared a few beers and cracked some wise-ass comments while pointing and shouting completely unreasonable comments at Jimmi and some other bloke who was busy trying to fix the Fussball table.. I suppose it was our way of livin’ the DIY lifestyle.. Eh, well, it was good times.

After a while, Michael and a few other people arrived, we sat down to watch a women’s handball game in lack of better things to do. In some twisted way we figured it’d be the funniest thing ever to try and employ a NFL ruleset to the game, so we did. Much to the amusement of ourselves and much to the confusion of just about everybody else including Tina and Jakob who’d just arrived, followed not long after by Louise and her new boyfriend, Stefan, who I pretty much immediately found to be a pretty cool guy, then again, I found out the next day that he’s a metal head, too, so I guess that makes sense.. Actually, it wasn’t long before the whole gang was there as we were also joined by Einar, Champ, Timmeeeh, I mean Tommy.. Even Lea, who as always was doing more talking than drinking, so I took it upon myself to keep her at it and make fun of her in the process..

Which caused me great joy, even more confusion for some other people and quite a few nuisances for Lea as I was probably being ridiculously annoying with my constant stabbings at her, messing up of her hair, rude comments and constant encouragement for her to drink more.. Which probably got to be a bit too much in the long run as even when I was stuck at another table talking with Tina and Christian, I took it upon myself to walk over every five minutes and make sure she had a sip of her beer.. But hey, that’s how I roll.. So, well, sorry Lea.. Or.. Not.. We all know who the real dickheads are! 😛

Anyways, good times, and I was spent the night drinking pretty much for free since everybody and their brother seemed to owe me money, and once I’d spent whatever I had coming on beers, I was apparently still enough of a rock star for people to still want to give me beers for free.. An offer that I could most certainly not refuse. So even better times soon ensued. Louise and Stefan sadly had to leave early due to obligations involving work and smashed knee caps in the morning, Christian, too, bailed early, but the others of us stuck in there. Martin Huss and Robert joined us, too, and things went from bad to worse, especially when Justin and Jesper showed as well, playing substitutes for Tina and Jakob who soon left as well.

At this time, most of us gathered at the bar and tried to take control of the music which went well for all of five minutes. I’m pretty sure we got some Offspring and some Green Day before some other bloke (who was actually seemingly older than me.. Wow!), obviously looking to impress a couple of chicks, started playing the likes of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. This, of course, after some 15 beers, caused me to loudly proclaim that Metallica had produced only one good album in the last twenty years (which I still believe to be true) and that other than that they’d “been on a downward slope which began with Nothing Else Matters which was the MOST DEFINITELY the WORST song they’d ever made..” .. Which is probably only largely true, and apparently REALLY not the thing that a bunch of crazy kids in love wanna hear from a long-haired drunk in a Motörhead t-shirt.. So, yea, after a few weird looks and some hissing, I withdrew and settled for just talking to people about non-music related things.

I ended up walking home at around 2:30 AM by way of a local pizza place where I spent my first money that evening on a hopefully filling meal that I don’t too well remember eating before crashing and sleeping for all of seven hours. Probably not the best way to spend a day in the middle of exam hell, but oh well.. Sometimes the Johan has to do what the Johan has to do..


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