Maybe I’m easily pleased..

To say that today started out on a bad note is probably yet another understatement of epic proportions. Oversleeping is never a good thing. Oversleeping on a day when you’ve exams to study for AND work in the evening is even worse..

The only good piece of news in the equation is that my damn 32-page web communication project from Hell is pretty much done with.. But it still has to be proof-read and I still had a 100+ pages to read today.. Before heading off to work. the topic of the day was the Semantic Web, an emerging technology which, very simply put, deals with making content on the web interpretable not only by humans but also by software and machines. A very interesting topic, in THEORY! Where things get kinda sketchy is when we start talking practical implementations as such implementations involve not only knowledge base and ontology creation, but also some pretty hardcore mathematics, computational linguistics.. And logic! Oh yay, all things that I’m either not very good at (math) or not very fond of (logic).

Anyways, five hours of Semantic Web and one major headache later, I’d reached my quota of the day. Time to relax with some proof reading and revisions before eating dinner and zooming off to work.. Well, not so fast.. Things actually went pretty well until the whole zooming off to work part. Being that I’d been so caught up in my studies, I was already running late and after running around in a panic for a while trying to pack some food to eat at work while sorting out my laundry AND finishing up various project (such as a quick and much needed shower), I jumped on my bike, kicked off and realized that not only were my brakes completely shot, apparently my lights weren’t working either.. Hmm..

I seemed to recall Tina at some point getting marginally upset over me zooming off to work with my bike in such a state (read: turning stark raving mad, blowing up in a tantrum and yeling at me for about 15 minutes straight), but with 30 minutes to go before having to be at work, something had to be done.. So in an unprecedented move, I grabbed my phone and gave Tina a call… “This is gonna sound weird,” I started: “but could you possibly give me a lift to work.. Like.. Now?” – The answer was one of complete utter silence on the other end of the line.. Which is understandable, I guess, because while both Tina, Zascha and lately Louise as well have worked on me for years now, trying to get me to ask for help when needed.. I’m still more in a “not feeling too horrible about accepting the help they offer”-state, rather than the more common “not scared of asking for help whenever needed”-state, so this may actually have been the first time ever I’ve actually called up Tina and begged her for help..

But I digress.. After actually fathoming what the hell was going on, Tina was more than willing to help me.. So, off to Tina’s I went.. In more than a leisurely pace.. Being that Tina’s is a good 20 minutes walk away on most days and I had about ten minutes to spare.. My main conclusion from the trek was that safety shoes make for really bad makeshift running shoes and that while it does earn you a few interesting looks as you overtake various sport runners, running around in full GLS uniform – thermal underwear and all – cannot be recommended.. Especially when you’re as horribly out of shape as I am.. But hey, I made it and that’s all that matters.

I was met by a cheery and brightly smiling Tina, a sight which just about made my day as I tumbled into the car, panting and gasping for breath.. So apparently a friendly favor and a smile is about all I need to make my evening after a day of hardships, a fact which Tina did not neglect to comment on.. But hey, I’d like to think that’s a pretty good thing coz I really was in dire need of a smile and some good spirits, so seeing her was good.. Even if it was only for a ten minute drive, before I once again had to rush out of the car, through the lobby at work, into the main terminal where I more or less half stumbled, half collapsed in the door.. Only to be allowed to sit down and drink coffee for a full 20 minutes before any work actually showed up.

Not much to say about work.. Apparently my little running adventure had earned me a few blisters on my heels which made everything a bit complicated as I was pretty much wincing with every step I took.. And I take a lot of steps at work.. It all made Tina a little uneasy as she was unable to pick me up later that evening on account of having to get up at 5 AM tomorrow morning. I kept telling her not to worry and that I was more than happy that she’d just driven me to work and perhaps walking home wouldn’t be that bad.. I’m not sure she really bought it, but she eventually did cave in and went to bed..

Well, luckily she didn’t really have to buy anything because apparently I’ve made good friends at work, so once they figured out I was to walk home, the gears started working and through a bit of voodoo and some applied logistics (hey, it’s what we do at General Logistics System), a plan was devised. One of our one-way line hauls which was heading back to a nearby town was halted for a few minutes and slightly diverted, I was thrown in the truck and without further ado, we headed off on the new route which now very conveniently went right by my house.. Talk about arriving back home fast, and in style.. And talk about having an awesome bunch of colleagues. I love the fact that we can totally take the piss out of each other, but when someone needs a helping hand, we’re apparently there, too.. So, rather than just having made it home, I’ve, by now, actually not only arrived home in style, but also had time to write this long, incoherent rant.. Which I will now end as I have another date with the Semantic Web tomorrow.. Sigh.


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