One down, two to go..

Or four to go.. Depending on how you look at it.. Well, before I confuse anyone any further: I finished my Web Communication project!! The written part anyways, there’s still the oral assessment of it to worry about. That, along with my Semantic Web and Agent Technologies exam next Friday and my Introduction to Programming assignment + oral thing come January.

I spent all of last night wanting to celebrate tbat I’d actually gotten over one major hurdle, but in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t. Not only have I spent 8 hours of today reading up on the Semantic Web, a topic that I’m actually starting to grasp by now, I also, just a few hours ago, discovered a couple of errors in my nicely done, printed and wrapped 45-page assignment.. Nothing major, mind you, just one of those kinda things that may cause you to fail on grounds of improper handling of your sources and plagiarism.. Umm, which I guess is actually a pretty major thing since we all know how I feel about plagiarism after my rant against Coldplay the other day.. But oh well, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed after a few hours and a trip to uni to print out a couple of pages that had faced correction.

And now, having gone through his Semantic Web curriculum AND corrected his own damn mistakes, the Johan will rest.. And at least pretend to celebrate a little.. See, rummaging through the local supermarket today, I came across some sirloin steaks which were actually cheaper than the flank steak I was looking for (and apparently never got), so who was I to pass that up? So, I guess I’ll fry those up, call it a celebration, keep it down enough for me to still get up tomorrow and continue my reading.. And try not to feel too sad about spending another weekend in, slaving over the books… I mean, it’s not like everybody are out having fun again or anything.. Bah, humbug!


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