All that was lost on a night in December..

.. Only a mad man to blame. So begins the chorus section of an old classic by Danish cult rockers Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. It’s from a song entitled 11:07 PM which evidently deals with the shooting of John Lennon of the Beatles. I never was a big fan, neither of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy or John Lennon, but in a weird twist of events, I got to thinking about the song today..

Something I actually haven’t done since a warm September afternoon in ’03 where I was casually strolling through Strawberry Fields in Central Park, NYC, and saw the splitting image of John Lennon step forth and perform a goose bump-inducing cover of “Imagine” right in top of the Imagine mosaic.. But, I digress, that’s another story entirely..

The reason I got to thinking about the song today was another one of those twisted chains of coincidences.. See, four days ago, I got a sudden urge to listen to Pantera, a band I really dug growing up and that helped introduce me to the wonderful world that is heavy metal. I don’t know why exactly I got this sudden urge as I hadn’t been listening to them for years other than the odd classics – Cowboys From Hell, Cemetery Gates, Fucking Hostile, you name it – but.. There you go.. I, of course, had a bunch of Pantera albums laying around in my pile of 150+ CD’s, but being the geek that I am, I couldn’t really be bothered to get the physical CD’s.. Especially not since I knew I had them ripped onto a spare harddrive that I had lying around along with all my other music..

So, anyways, after a few days of being too damn busy to do anything but focus on exams, I sat down yesterday with my spare hard drives and intended to pull the data off the drives and onto my laptop, all using my cunning hacking skills.. Or a USB cable at the very least.. Much to my surprise, and sadness, I realized, upon plugging in the drive, turning on the power and hearing the unmistakable sound of a crashed hard drive, that my trusty music drive was no more.. A fact that damn well near brougt tears to my eyes – seriously  – coz, if you’re like me and really dig music, losing some 200 music videos and 15,000+ songs is a big deal.. Especially if many of such songs are rarities and obscurities that you’ve literally spent years collecting and trading for.. FUCK!!

But I digress once more, I suppose, what I really wanted to get at was that I, then, olf course had to dig out my old Pantera CD’s and start the process of ripping them to my laptop instead.. Which I did, and was happy I did.. Because.. Well, I’d completely remembered how much Pantera rocks.. Or rocked.. Since they are sadly no more.. Some of them even less that others; I’m talking, specifically, about “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, the late, great, guitarist of Pantera (and Damageplan) who really helped define their sound.. And that’s where I started thinking about things and things got a little weird..

See, not only is Dimebag dead, he died on the exact same day that I decided that “hey, I need to listen to some more Pantera, I haven’t listened to that for ages!” .. But wait, there’s more.. He’s not only dead, no, he was murdered.. Shot to death.. But a mentally ill fan.. On an evening.. Of December 8th.. The exact same day that John Lennon died.. Shot to death.. By a mentally ill fan.. 24 year earlier.. Which was around the point I kinda went “Whoa” (and for some reason got the whole Dizzy Mizz Lizzy analogy going.. Which is somehow creepy in its own way)

I guess December 8th is really just not a good day on which to be a musician..


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