Exams Calling

Well, this is a rare feeling. It’s not even 10:30 and I’m already completely knackered. I don’t really get it as I didn’t even get up until the crack of noon, but maybe it has something to do with spending most of the day studying for my exam tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow, the day is finally almost upon us after weeks and weeks of working on assignments, studying for exams and bitching endlessly on here about said topics, it seems as if Johan will finally get a bit of time to relax.. After 11:15 AM tomorrow, that is.

Am I ready for tomorrow? I don’t know.. Am I nervous? Not really! As with any exam situation, I don’t know what the hell to expect so I guess I’ll just march right in there with my head held high and face the prying looks and the barrage of questions.. And we’ll see what happens. Apparently it’s a 45 minute oral ordeal with half the final grade depending on a 20 minute presentation we do and the other half depending on the trailing onslaught of questions. The topics are Semantic Web technologies, autonomous agent technologies, first order predicate logic and computational calculus, i.e. FUN! Or not.. I’m really just looking to get it over with!

On a funnier note, though, I’ve noticed that the paper I’ve chosen to base my presentation on, alongside detailing ways of hierarchically categorizing semantic data, for some reason uses information about  The Clash to exemplify their reasoning.. So, I’ll, at least partially, be speaking about The Clash tomorrow during a presentation on the Semantic Web which I though pretty cool, coz, well, we all love The Clash!

In other news, I kicked off the day (afternoon) today by accidentally getting into a fight with my laptop and ending up knocking it onto the floor, while it was powered on.. Not the best way to kick off the day.. But hey, kudos to Apple for building solid gear and loading it up with shock and motion censors.. The beast is still running.. Better than I would after a three feet head plunge, I’m sure.


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