Merry Yule, Happy (C)hannukah, Blissful Kwanzaa, and all that jazz

Twas the day before Christmas and all throughout the house,

the heavy metal was blasting, proudly and loud,

the Johan was thrashing, shaking his hair,

for he was mighty excited about next year’s rock fairs

He was smiling, laughing, banging his head

slightly egged on by the news that he’d read..

Blah, that’s enough of that..But as you can probably tell, it’s Christmas.. And santa came bearing gifts.. One thing is to come home for a bit of rest on Christmas Eve and find a ticket for AC/DC lying in the mailbox.. A whole nother thing is that German Open Air Festivals, Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park, chose the holiday period to announce some of the first acts for the 2009 festival, namely Placebo, The Killers, Volbeat, KillSwitch Engage, Trivium and Slipknot amongst others..And I don’t even think they’ve gotten around to spewing out headliners yet.. Woot!

So, cancel Christmas if you must, I don’t care, I already got my wishes! 😀 Ahem, anyways, yea, I was just gonna do a small update to show I’m still alive, somehow that turned into both some of the worst poetic injustice ever and a longer rant about music, but I promise to keep it short from now on. I’ve got things to do and places to be after all. I thought Xmas was gonna be a time of quiet relaxation and rest but I feel like I’ve done nothing but run around being stressed and zooming from one place to the other. And apparently it’s only just gotten started. So I’ll be off for a few hours of sleep on this fine afternoon before zooming off to my mom’s to spend the night with her and her new boyfriend or whatever he is.. Merry Christmas everybody! I hope to be back soon!


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