Sick Of It All

I was woken by Louise yesterday morning.. Well, more or less.. Let me rephrase that. I woke by myself at 11 AM yesterday morning, then went back to sleep until I was woken by a call from Louise at like 1 PM.. And what a quite welcome surprise that was! She figured it’d been ages since we’d last talked and was sweet enough to call just to catch up.. Which made me feel all good-like because it really HAD been ages, and at the same time all bad-like because I’d been meaning to call myself but hadn’t found the time due to my damn exams and everything else.. But yea, good times, and I reckon we talked for a good 45 minutes.. Which served to, on one hand, give me a really nice start of the day and, on the other hand, give me a really stressful next part of the day..

Because, see, while I really enjoyed getting to catch up with Louise, sleeping till 1 wasn’t the best idea to start with and I was not running even more hopelessly behind – which was well worth it in itself.. But then my mom showed up and things went from good through bad to worse as she, despite knowing that I was stressed out and generally in a foul mood, showed a total lack of empathy by starting to yell at me and what not for being a bit confuddled. Oh, twas a good half hour or so we spent together.. By the end, I was at my wit’s end and was even bitching at Tina who, bless her heart, were just trying to help me feel better. She ended up suggesting that I just pop down and study at her place for a while, even offered to cook me dinner and take care of me.. But me being stupid, confused and stressed out, didn’t know how to react to that (coz yea, being taken care of and having dinner cooked for you is apparently hard!), so I told her I needed a bit of a timeout but that I might be up for doing something later if I calmed down sufficiently.

Which took me about all of two hours to do after which I realized that hey, maybe being cooked dinner for for a change wasn’t such a bad idea after all, so I texted up Tina and asked if the offer was still valid which, of course, it was. So, we arranged that I took a few hours to get things under control on my end and then I headed on down to Tina’s to catch a nice, hearty home-cooked meal which tasted awesome despite her claiming not to be able cook and that it tasted “of nothing much”.. Umm.. I okay.. I beg to disagree!

Even better than the meal was the fact that, true to tradition, I couldn’t stay mad or stressed out in the company of the Tina for very long. And, despite being reluctant to admit it, I was pretty soon smiling and laughing again, kinda wondering what the hell hell had been bringing me down all day.. But I guess that’s just the way I roll sometimes. It’s been a pretty stressful year after all, so I’m glad I have Tina around to calm me down and tell me the ways of the world every now and then.. Or Louise to call and keep me from oversleeping too much and give me a nice start of the day for that matter.. Friends will be friends, I guess.. Which isn’t half bad because it keeps me from being stressed out and worrying for more than a couple of hours at a time.. You girls rock! \m/

I ended up, once again, walking home way past midnight, feeling a lot better than I had for the last couple of days and thinking that things were somehow gonna be okay after all.. A feeling that has stuck with me through all of today, too, and hopefully will stay there tomorrow when my next exam is to take place at 1 PM.. Should be fun, especially with me now having to change my sleeping patterns from sleeping from early morning to early afternoon to actually having to get up at a somewhat reasonable time in the morning to perform.. Woo!

Anyways, I’ll let you know how that goes. For now, I’ll have to rest a bit and try to get rid of the headache that has been bothering me on and off for little over a week now.. Wish me luck tomorrow!


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