A January sale I can get behind

In what can only be described as very un-Johan-like behavior, I’m actually sitting around today snacking on a bunch of chocolate chip cookies while writing this. Incidentally, this is not only the first time in like four years I’m eating cookies, it’s also a batch of cookies that have been four years in the making.. No, really, I kid you not!

See, in December of 2004, in a rather unfair square off in the man versus machine battle, I was damn well nearly end-gamed as some female driver completely overlooked me in an intersection and proceeded to plow right through me rather than step on the brakes.. While able to walk away from the ordeal, the result wasn’t very pretty as my face got rearranged rather a lot, a few teeth were knocked out and there was even talk of broken bones or jaw damage.. My friends, of course, were horrified, as I limped between the hospital, doctors, specialists and dentists, had head x-rays done and what not.. But none of them more so than Tine whose maternal instinct really kicked in as she worried profusely and even promised me a batch of cookies to make things but a little easier for me.

Those cookies have since become a standing joke between us as she kept telling me that they were still on their way and I kept laughing and saying that well, you’ve still got time, we haven’t graduated yet.. Well, yesterday we went from jokes to action as, just before my oral Web Communication exam, Tine actually presented me with a nice batch of homemade cookies at which point I couldn’t help but laugh, hug her, and confess my love for her. It was just over four years to the date of her promise, but she kept her word and I got my cookies.. And couldn’t be happier! So thank you, Tine, they’re awesome and was well worth the wait! 🙂 And you got this boy eating cookies, which is a feat – and a homage to your baking abilities – to say the least.

So, yea, cookies.. That’s probably the most positive thing I have to say about my trip to uni that day and the exam as such.. It was rather akin to a bit of a public humiliation, but I did pull through none the less. My assignment wasn’t very good but that was to be expected.. What was probably not to be expected was me blanking out completely during the exam and being unable to answer even simple questions.. Blah, well, I made it and I was kinda expecting a mediocre grade, I mean, I’ve been so busy with so many other things beside my studies, so in a way I’m kinda proud to be pulling through what with having worked two jobs, run a Student House, been engaged in student life, meetings, negotiations and media battles.. On top of studying for a master’s degree.. Now what really matters is my master’s thesis and I’ll have ample time for concentrating on that after this month once my final exams are over.

Mediocre grade or not, it was to be celebrated and with Christian pulling off an awesome assignment and exam, spirits were high as we headed down to the English Pub for a pint or two to celebrate another exam well overwith. Upon entering the place we’d pretty much decided on which beer we wanted (a bit of a feat in itself as they serve up about 318 different kinds), but our determination was soon challenged as we spotted an interesting array of Christmas brews on tap, some of them sporting the magic words “spiciness” and “8.2% alc by volume” in their descriptions.. After some debating, we knew what to do and ordered up two pints of spicy, alcoholic goodness. This turned out to be a smart move as what with Xmas being over and all, apparently all Xmas brews on tap were on sale. This, as we put it, was a January sale that we could definitely get behind and feeling happy and lucky we sat down to enjoy a single pint of Xmassy goodness.

And that’s when, once again, things starting heading downhill.. Of course, one pint turned into two and having already tried two out of three, we naturally had to try the third.. Which turned out to be something as confusing as an Xmas Weissbeer which went down a little too easily on top of the other two stronger pints. By now, we were going on three pints of 8+% beers on empty stomachs and somehowe this fact inspired us to have another pint as we got overly courageous and started spanning into the winter brews as well. Having gone through a few free samples, we decided on a 7% Danish winter brew, thinking that it couldn’t do too much damage as it was muuuuch lighter than what we’d previously had.. Yea, drunken logic at work.

The end result wasn’t pretty.. Christian, I think, gave up at around 7 PM, and I lingered for a little, sipping the last of my pint before staggering home.. At least that’s how I think things happened.. Christian doesn’t particularly remember leaving or getting home so he can’t be of much help, and my memory isn’t much better.. All I remember is getting some food and somehow preparing it, eating dinner and then passing out on the couch, waking up sometime at around 11 PM or so, dazed and confused and sporting something feeling remarkably like a hangover. Cursing drunken logic ever so profusely, I got up, downed about a gallon of water and then went to bed, thinking I was probably better off just sleeping it off.. Which was apparently a good call because I managed to sleep for another good eight hours or so before getting up and spending a good part of today walking around in a Zombie-like state..

Yea, I reckon that next time we oughta throw in lunch at some point between the onslaught of beers.


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