Jim Breuer as Brian Johnson of AC/DC – Doing The Hokey Pokey

I’ll venture the statement that whether or not you’re a fan of AC/DC, this is ridiculously funny! Breuer’s imitation is spot on!

And it’s funny coz he’s right, y’know?


6 responses to “Jim Breuer as Brian Johnson of AC/DC – Doing The Hokey Pokey

  1. you just now discovered this?
    have you been living under a rock for years?

  2. Yes, a very large one, a boulder, actually, some would say 😉

    I don’t remember stating anywhere that I just discovered this?

    As with everything posted here, it may not be new, but still relevant to my line of though somehow.. In this case it reminded me of tons of conversations I’ve had lately, after getting AC/DC tickets, about how all their songs sound the same but they still manage to rock.. Jim Breuer illustrates that perfectly, I reckon.

  3. Your right man; the funniest part about it is that they WOULD tear that shit up!

  4. This is true! They would! And I’d pay to see it!

  5. i would pay really good money if i thought the last encore would be hokey pokey

  6. Having just seen AC/DC yesterday, I can now safely say that they do not play the Hokey Pokey as encore. I felt strangely let down by this fact 😦

    Still the best show of my life, though.

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