Here’s a fun fact about BA-level exams..

They leave so much time for shenanigans and pointless intoxication.. Which is another reason why I haven’t been posting this week.. I kinda accidentally ended up getting wasted on a Tuesday which wasn’t at all planned, it just sorta happened, as is actually a sort of tradition with these kinds of exams. At least in our tightly knitted little group..

It all started as any other Tuesday these days.. I was up pretty early, did some e-mailing back and forth wtih my mentor-to-be, Lars, worked a bit on my exam assignment, listened to a bit of rock, bitched to Dunkel and Tina on MSN, ate some food, took a shower, worked some more.. And eventually just gave up, thinking “Hey, I’ll accept Dunkel’s invitation and pop down and watch some movies.” – and yea, Tina, I’m sorry I didn’t drag you along, but you seemed all busy-like for a change and in no particular need of more postponing actions.. Anyways, yea, down to Dunkel’s I went.. By way of the local supermarket where I found a bunch of Xmas brews on sale which sparked an awesome idea in my head as I thought to myself “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if I showed up unannounced with a 24 pack of extra strength lagers?” – which If course meant that now I had to do it.

The joke was kinda on me, though, as Dunkel didn’t even raise an eyebrow as I walked in on a Tuesday, 24 cans of beer in hand.. Apparently I’ve been known to do weirder things. Oh well.. At least they were appreciated! As I arrived, Dunkel had curled up on the couch, grandfather style, blanket over his feet and all, watching the commentary track for Monty Python’s Quest For The Holy Grail which I quickly, and happily, joined in on after fixing both of us up with a beer.

Having thusly consumed the movie in alternative fashion, we wound down by watching some early episodes of Flying Circus while improvising dinner out of stuff found in the freezer and things coming out of the pantry.. With a surprisingly tasty result which was consumed with more beers and early AC/DC live footage and was eventually chased with some Joe Satriani live recordings and more beer. Afer about six odd beers or so, Dunkel suggested we carried on getting entirely wasted while watching The Rocker, a plan which I happily agreed to as it involved comedy, beers and 80’s metal.. Three of my favorite things in the world right around this time.

Not long into the (ridiculously funny) movie, we were joined by Kenn who soon approved of our actions and quickly joined in and that’s where things went downhill fast. I hadn’t really planned on beers for three people, so Kenn zoomed out and got some of his own from somewhere, and we started washing things down with a bottle of ten year-old whisky which didn’t really help things much. Soon we were listening to metal, talking and generally not making sense. Dunkel started hitting the whisky pretty hard and Kenn, in between showing off tattoos went into a rant about how my relationship with Louise had been a perfect example about how hot girls not always went for the good-looking guys and how a little charisma went a long way and why I shouldn’t dream of cutting my hair.. Which was good fun, but a little hard to comprehend, so thanking him for calling me unattractive and long-haired, I steered the subject in a totally different direction, that I’ve now completely forgotten thanks to the by now dizzying amount of beers consumed.

Actually, Dunkel and I both agreed, after we woke this morning at the crack of noon, that things from then on actually got really confusing really fast and that our efforts, none of us having had time or opportunity to party out or get wasted since new year’s eve, were a little below par.. But I’m sure we’ll somehow make up for it along the way. At any rate, the evening came to a halt not too long after midnight when I decided to call it quits and walk on home, grab a bite to eat and turn in, hoping to be somewhat capable of doing some work on my assignment today.. Which I’m happy to report that I was, and that I’ve now pretty much finished up the thing, having had time to not only worry about my thesis, but also getting wasted in between.. Not too shabby! Now if only I can pull myself together, I should be able to finish tomorrow.. Woot!


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