One last time

So, I guess updates have been a little sparse lately, but I have a pretty good excuse. I’ve been keeping rather busy.. See, I’m going through another one of those exam thingies, y’know, for shits and giggles.. Well, okay, not really.. But, while it has been keeping me busy, I’m not even gonna complain this time around because, well, for starters it hasn’t been keeping me nearly as busy as the last couple of exams and also, this is my final (real) exam.. Ever and the only thing that’s between me and getting my Master’s thesis out of the way.

Oh, and it’s a fun one to boot.. To the extend that exams can actually be considered fun. See, not only is it my last exam, it’s also an elective subject (introduction to programming) at a Bachelor level, meaning that it’s the easiest exam I’ve gone through in well over two years. Basically they give you a week to write a small application (which took all of two hours to make, seriously!) and write an accompanying 10 page assignment which I’m about through with here on Wednesday evening.. Ah how I love those Bachelor level exams 😀

So, what all has been keeping me busy? Well, for starters I’ve spent a good deal of the time not going into my current exam worrying about my upcoming thesis, thinking up subjects, domains, theories, angles and what have you.. I’ve even contacted one of my professors who has kindly agreed to be my mentor on the six month adventure.. So, despite the exam not being too demanding, it’s not like I haven’t been busy.. I actually have been pretty proud of myself and my accomplishments

See, for starters, I managed to get up on Monday at the crack of 8 AM which was before the sun had even risen.. Something I haven’t done in the last, oh, two months or so, I’m reasonably sure. I then trotted down to uni to pick up my assignment for the week, glanced over it, smiled to myself and walked back home, thinking things through in my head as I browsed the local supermarket for breakfast. By the time breakfast and my morning coffee was done, I was already hard at work and two hours later, I’d finished the programming exercise. I spent a little time working on the assignment to go with it before, eventually, at around 1 PM, I realized that I was not made for getting up early in the morning, especially not after only 4 hours of sleep.. So I caught a small nap.

By the time I woke, an idea for my master’s thesis had somehow made its way into my head which was pretty neat considering I’d spent the last couple of months not having any idea whatsoever about what to write about.. So, naturally, I started jotting down notes and thinking things through until around dinner time where I allowed myself a short break during which to eat before trotting off to work.. Or to the mall, rather, as it is so conveniently placed on my way to work and I wanted to not only pick up a few things that I could only get out there but also to bug Tina who I knew was pulling a shift with Daphne at the ticket booth at the local cinema.

So off I in good time, spending the walk (blasted bike has gone and gotten itself a flat tire AGAIN!) listening to some music and giving my thesis a little more though. I never really got around to getting the stuff I wanted, but I picked up some other stuff instead, and I did get to bug Tina a bit (in so far as giving the girl a hug, and chatting her up for a while can be considered bugging).. Actually, I bugged her for so long that I ended up being late for work.. But eh, the good thing about working in an all male environment is that “I accidentally spent a little too much time talking to cute blondes at the ticket booth” is a perfectly acceptable excuse for being late.

Cute blondes, apparently though, are not an excuse for being let off work early as I found out when Tina wrote that if I could make it out by 10:30, Daphne and her could pick me up. A proposition that didn’t sit too well with my boss. Apparently there’s some level of natural envy going on between my colleagues what with all the pretty female friends that they’ve spotted me with over the years, and apparently there’s a limit to how many times you can play the “can I go home early in order to hang out with the hot chick?” card and apparently I exceeded this limit right around the time when Louise and I started dating.. Oh well, as luck would have it, I ended up catching a ride home with a pretty female friend as Tina was apparently up late and felt sorry for me, so under the pretense of needing to pick up some milk, she zoomed by and picked me up at midnight.. So.. Sorry, Tom and Kristian, that’s just how I roll!

I ended up being so grateful for the ride that I offered Tina the half-full carton of milk I just happened to have in my fridge and wasn’t going to use anyways (as a somewhat ridiculously small token of my appreciation) and heading to bed a lot earlier that night than I could’ve actually hoped for.. Ah, good times, and a day well spent. Must be the first day in months that I’ve actually been active from early morning to after midnight (save a little nap, of course). And in a strange kinda way, it felt oddly rewarding.


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