Things to do when really, really bored, part 17

By raising of hands, who here ever get really, really bored from time to time? Now, I’ll admit I don’t get bored very often, but when I do, I get bored.. Badly!

So, yeah, contrary to what you might’ve believed from reading posts earlier this week, I’ve actually been trying pretty hard to concentrate on my last exam assignment. As a result, I’ve actually been staying in most nights his week, half out of hope that creativity might strike, half out of a “lead is not into temptation” perspective. Yesterday was no exception. Only yesterday, creativity didn’t strike and as a result I ended up bored and miserable.

In a half-assed attempt of curing my boredom, I started surfing the web aimlessly and came upon a page from Denmark’s Bureau of Statistics which claimed to be able to show how many people by any particular name lived in Denmark.. “Aha,” I thought, I’ve always wanted to know how many Johan Johansen-s live in Denmark” .. Actually I’ve never wanted to know, but I was bored and evidently the number is 54. The next logical question that popped into mind was how many Tinas there were compared to Johans.. The answer, apparently, is 129 as of January 2009.

“Hah!” I thought again, shooting Tina a quick text message stating simply “I’m bored, did you know there are more than twice as many Tina K-s in Denmark as there are Johan Johansen-s?” Now, I’d love to say that Tina was surprised by such weird facts, but the sad truth probably is that she is by now a little too used to weird facts popping out of me for no apparent reason, so she simply ventured something along the lines of “Oh, really?”

– “Yes,” I shot back.. There’s 129 of you and only 54 of me, effectively making you 2.39 times more schizophrenic than me!”

– “I just adore your deductive logic,” came the reply “but with your line of thinking, how are you ever gonna remember an abstract number like that?”

Now, I love Tina, but she can be a little blonde at times.. I’m surprised she even had to ask.. *sigh* Look it’s pretty simple to remember, and if you can’t remember it the easy way, think of it through this formula that I made up at the spur of the moment: PI (3.14) – 2.39 = 0.75 which is exactly the difference of the number of Johan Johansen-s and Tina K-s in Denmark (75) prefixed with the amount of clue Tina had on this issue (0.) .. “Any Fole Kno That!” Which I, of course informed Tina of.

“Holy shit,” the answer came back quickly, and probably pretty petrified-like, “that’s scary!” .. And you know what, I’d have to agree.. I probably have been a little too bored lately and I probably have studied a little too much computational calculus lately.. And I literally just grabbed the numbers out of nowhere and when I started crunching, they added up.. But I guess that’s just the way I roll.. And I got to be not bored for about ten minutes and scare Tina in the process.. All in a day’s work! 😀

Of course, things got even weirder when out of the blue, two minutes later, Dunkel messaged me up on MSN asking: “Did you know there’s only 54 of you in Denmark?” But that’s a whole nother story.. And if you’re looking for a morale, point or punchline to this one, I’m sorry, but you’re looking in vain.. Because there isn’t any.. Other that, well, I finished my assignment today, and I’m off for a hamburger and a beer.. Booyah!


2 responses to “Things to do when really, really bored, part 17

  1. I beleive this is your best blog-update ever 😀

  2. Thank you, babe 🙂 I believe this to be one of my strangest, most rambling blog posts ever 😀

    But thank you none the less 😉

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