Goodbye to you, my trusted friend (eulogy for an Apple iBook)

I knew that sooner or later, this day would come. Yet, I was hoping it wasn’t gonna be so soon, or so abrupt and painful for that matter. My beloved iBook, Epiphany, is no more.

At first glance, Epiphany may be a weird name for an iBook, but in a sense that was what you were to me. You showed me a new way, a better way and a more fun way to get things done.

Having long shun the vile being that is Microsoft Windows, I always knew there was a better way. I long meddled in Linux and BSD but knew that there had to be something even better.. And then you came along.. With your perfectly rounded curves, pleasing exterior.. and your soul.. If ever I could marry an operating system, that operating system would be OS X.. You had me at hello! And, might I add, I’ve been captivated ever since.

Sure, it was a rocky trip. There was a slight learning curve on my behalf in terms of treating you right, and you weren’t always entirely helpful in your signals.. But let’s admit it, we both made mistakes.. And we both grew wiser..

And, sure, people laughed.. What’s that long haired idiot doing with that vastly overpriced model? I can’t say I blame them. I would be laughing, too, if I used Vista, but I would probably be laughing at my own expense.. In the end I realized that people just generally fear and ridicule that which they do not understand, so I learned to live with it and I learned to love my Mac.

Again, surely there are times I didn’t quite love you and didn’t quite treat you they way you deserved.. But I promise you this, I never once meant to push you off the table or sending you skipping by yanking your power chord. It just happened, we all know I’m a klutz.. At least I never pretended like it didn’t happen or make up excuses such as you falling down the stairs.. With the good comes the bad, and let’s face it there was a lot of good: 

The plans we drew up together, the party invitations, emails and correspondence, the vacations, the beers, the music, our trip to the beach with Christian, the barbeque party that left you smelling ever so slightly of smoke and ashes, the lengthy dinner preparations you kept me entertained throughout… And all the movies and shows we watched together.. It seems like just mere days ago that we were laughing at Kevin Rose and Jimmy Fallon giving Axel Albrecht hell on Diggnation for being a PC owner.. Wait, that was mere days ago.. I’m glad we at least got to share that before you were so abruptly pulled from this world and sent to the endless scrap heaps in the sky.

This is, incidentally, the first post on this blog (out of 650+) written on a different machine than my original Mac, so it’s all kinda weird.. But at least it’s written on another Mac.. Not being able to bear the loss of the first one, let alone being able to live without a computer whilst in the middle of a busy exam period and a Master’s thesis, drastic measures were needed.. And as such, I sprinted right out and got myself a replacement.. No, not a replacement, just.. A new Apple laptop. Some would claim it’s a step up, a new sexier model and all that jazz.. And sure, the MacBook Pro 15″ model is all sexy like, but it’s not a replacement.. I’ll forever remember my first Mac and be grateful for what it did in terms of making me see the light. . The ridicule from clueless PC users aside, I’m glad I went Mac, and I’m never going back..



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