So, we’ve been burglarized

By fucking amateurs, apparently, but it pisses me off all the same.. I’d had a good day today, actually. Despite having to work on various school-related projects, I’d dragged my spanking new MacBook Pro down to Tina’s to partly show up and partly get some work done.. And it was all good.. The evening, in particular was really good as Jakob joined us for dinner and we ended up sharing a few laughs and watching a few Top Gear specials.. It was good times.

It wasn’t until I turned about and went home that things got a little.. Shall we say, interesting.. As I walked down the stairs to my little home, I found myself thinking “that’s funny, I don’t remember leaving the front door open.” As I walked on and saw the next door in the hall way opened as well, I started to think that maybe I didn’t leave the front door open after all.. As I rounded the doorway to the kitchen and saw all my drawers open and random kitchen utensils strewn everywhere, I knew that I’d not left the front door open – rather someone had probably done the job for me!

“Mother of fuck,” I thought and headed on into the living room to find all my desk drawers and what not ripped open and several years of correspondence, news paper clippings, random cards and what have you thrown in large piles all across the floor. “Crap!” quoth the Johan, but a quick scan of the room showed the most important things to still be in their place.. TV, sound system, XBox, PlayStation, Wii, books, CD’s, DVD’s, spirits and what have you.. The scenario was pretty much the same for all other rooms.. A huge mess but nothing much in terms of missing objects..

Having spent some time going through things, trying to figure out what all was missing and having dropped by the police station half a block away (who commits burglary in the cops’ back yard anyways?) to file a report, I sat down and reflected a bit.. And here’s what I found to be missing:

  • My old, beloved, but pretty much non-functional iBook which was visibly battered and defective.
  • My digital camera. Memory card and all, however the charger had kindly been left behind, rendering it pretty much useless.
  • DKK 30 in DKK 20 and DKK 10 bills, a ridiculously low amount in discontinued bills carrying not collector’s value.
  • My key bundle.. Which pretty much just serves to piss me off.
  • Half a small bottle of Acqua di Gio.

On the other hand, the list of things that weren’t snatched was pretty interesting as well.. And a little confusing:

  • Considerable amounts of money, albeit in coins.
  • At least DKK 6000 in the shape of expensive liquor.
  • My AC/DC ticket to their sold out show in Copenhagen worth about two or three times the value CLEARLY printed on it.
  • A gift certificate, clearly labeled GIFT CERTIFICATE lying on my table in plain view.
  • Some 50 DVD’s and 250+ CD’s, some of them collector’s items.
  • Various autographed memorabilia.
  • Spare cell phones.

Confuddled, and actually slightly bemused, all things considered, I called up my dad who happens to work nights telling him what had happened, my plans and just getting his view on the situation. He agreed that changing the locks would be a pretty good idea even if we also agreed on the fact that my keys had already been dumped in the gutter somewhere.. And he also shared my amusement over the whole ordeal.. I mean, having people plow through your house and stuff is no joke, neither is being robbed of your possessions. But the whole idea of snatching things that are more or less useless and leaving behind things with at least a certain value.. It just doesn’t make sense.. But oh well, I wasn’t really complaining, just wondering, really.

My dad pretty quickly suggested that I calm down (as if I weren’t already calm), pour myself a large measure of one of the above-mentioned bottles and then just get on with it tomorrow. I pretty quickly agreed, but, alas, I had a lot of cleaning up to do, so I got to that instead and actually got through the mess pretty quickly.. After which I concluded that, as I’d thought, my keys were actually missing.. Which let me to believe that they’d more than likely grabbed them in an attempt to get into other parts of the house such as, say, Brian’s place upstairs.. So I figured I’d better make a round just to make sure.. A decision which turned out to be a pretty good one as I had only made it to the back yard when I realized that Brian had either also forgotten to close his back door, or he, too, was in a bit of a pickle.

Sneaking closer and realizing that Brian was in fact not home, I figured that things were probably not entirely right upstairs either.. So, despite the clock having now passed 12:30 AM, I gave him a ring which he answered pretty quickly. I apologized and laid down the situation for him. He, clearly, got a little upset and started asking questions about when how and why, most of which I couldn’t answer. I could, however, tell him that his back door had been pried open with something leaving marks similar to those left behind by a crowbar.. I then asked if he wanted me to do a quick round which he gladly accepted, so I pushed through the house with Brian on the phone.

The scene upstairs was oddly familiar, a huge mess, cupboards, drawers and what have you open and contents spread across the floor.. Another laptop missing, things turned out for closer inspection.. And absolutely no touching of the gaming consoles, flat screen panels or DVD’s and the likes.. Strange!

The end of it all became that Brian and I decided to meet up at some time tomorrow and have a look at things and then taking it one step at a time from there. Until then, I left a light burning upstairs, closed the doors and retreated to downstairs where I’m now in the process of winding down and digesting everything while having a goodnight beer. I guess it’s up to me to hold down the fort till tomorrow when I’ll be calling a locksmith and various other people, then meet up with Brian and find out whether more things need to be done..

At this point I’m just feeling pretty lucky that nothing major got stolen and that the few things that did were pretty useless. I’m also very, very, very happy that I brought not only my phone and iPod, but also my spanking new MacBook Pro along to Tina’s today.. I’m much more comfortable with giving up a barely working iBook than a brand new Pro..


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