Man am I tired.. And that despite having slept a solid seven hours last night. Apparently having your house burglarized/vandalized takes a lot out of you.. And I’m not just talking having to spent most of the Tuesday night cleaning up.. There’s more to it than just that..

There was also that whole staying up most of the night only to be woken again at 7 AM and once again at 8 AM by Brian and his grandfather respectively.. But that was to be expected, mine wasn’t the only apartment broken into after all.. In general, Wednesday was a no rest for the wicked kinda day.

At 9-ish, a police technician showed up and did a walk through. He was able to do very little but conclude that the house had in fact been broken into.. Oh, and he found my passport, too, which I didn’t even know to be missing.. But apparently it was found in Brian’s bathroom upstairs.. Causing me once again to wonder just what the hell our unwelcome guests had been up to.. But I was glad to get my passport back none the less.

After having spoken to the kind police officer, I brewed about 12 cups of coffee, called a lock smith and made arrangements to have my locks changed, having apparently also been relieved of my keys during the break-in, I also called my bank and had them disable my online banking account on the odd chance that the crackheads had somehow gotten into my computer and were somehow of the ability to abuse such things.. Then I sat down to wait for the locksmith.. Who arrived within like 4 hours, giving me just enough time to also catch up with Brian and his girlfriend who had made it home by then and hadn’t been so luck as me in terms of things stolen.

Having spent DKK 500 on my locks, I then felt relatively safe about leaving the house for work which was an experience of its own which is detailed in a previous post. I finally arrived back home at around 1:30 AM and would like to say I went straight to bed, but we all know me.. So instead I stayed up till 3 AM and got some more chores done.

As a result, I allowed myself to sleep till 10 AM this morning before getting up, brewing another large pot of coffee and setting out to work a bit on my thesis which I managed to concentrate on for a few hours before even more burglary related tasks turned up.. There was the whole matter of having a copy made of Brian’s key for the mailbox so I could actually get to my mail which wasn’t actually half as complicated as I’d expected.. But then once that was done, there was the matter of getting into the mailbox and retrieving the four or so letters waiting for me, most of them dealing with either my personal finances or the aftermath of the burglary.. Good times, and more paper work.. Papers to get a my online banking account reopened and get new pass keys and what have you, insurance papers, student loan applications to cover the costs of my new laptop.. All in a day’s work.. Oh and a phone bill just for good measure as if I hadn’t already spent like DKK 15,000 in two days.. All things that needed to be taken care of..

So I busied – and annoyed myself – for a few hours, filling out papers, mailing papers, figuring out I didn’t have the right papers, walking on down to uni to print the right papers only to find out that the internet was disabled in most computer labs owing to exams.. So that was fun.. In a really frustrating kinda way. I eventually did find a lab with internet access, only to find out that the printer wasn’t working once I’d located the proper documents and tried to print them… Curses, print rerouting, pulling of the hair once I realized the printer was out of paper and that the only paper available was on the other side of campus.. Oh, it was a jolly trip, but I eventually did locate some paper, feed it to the infernal machine and ended up with the two pieces of paper needed to file for a student loan and (at least temporarily) save my personal finances..

Once all this had been achieved along with all other things relating to the past 72 hours of bad luck, I returned home, finished up doing a write-up about my upcoming thesis, said fuck it and allowed myself to actually rest some for a change.. And eat.. For the first time in like six hours.. Which probably also helped to explain why I was running a little testy.. Johan does not respond well to more than 3 hours without food.. That’s just how I roll..

Okay, maybe it has been somewhat of a long day even though I did sleep in and have spent most of the night just relaxing and goofing off.. That, or maybe I really am getting old.. I don’t know.. But I do know I’ll stop rambling now, grab a bite to eat and get the fuck to bed.. I reckon I should have some happier and more coherent posts coming up in a short while.. As I’m not really planning on being robbed any time again in the near future and my exams will be over come next Thursday/Friday..


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