is not only the Danish word for drunk. It has also become somewhat of a placeholder name for Dunkel and I. As such it’s used to describe anything from the state of being drunk, the process of getting drunk, the desire to get drunk and, even, a downright frustration with not being drunk..

As such, a conversation between Dunkel and I may very well consist of a very simple exchange of “FULD?” and “FULD!”, the former expressing an inquiry into whether or not to get drunk whereas the latter serves as confirmation. Of course, given the placeholder function of the word, this exchange may or may not be followed by numerous clinking together of glasses, bottles or can with loud outcries of “FULD!!” and subsequent, weary eyed, slightly drawling exclamations of “Fuuuld..”

Where am I going with all of this? Well, it’s pretty much what happened yesterday.. In a slightly more complicated manner, maybe.. But still.. See, today was a bit of a pain for both of us.. I was stuck at home reading up for an exam and Dunkel was busying himself trying to pass time, waiting for Monday to roll around so he could drive to Copenhagen and pick up his new custom guitar.. On top of that, it was snowing.. Something we both hate. So, anyways, I was sitting there trying to get some work done, and Dunkel was sitting there, being downright bored and downright impossible to deal with as he kicked into such pass-time activities as photoshopping pictures of Barack Obama and calling me up randomly, either rambling incoherently or just playing AC/DC riffs into the phone.. Which was admittedly entertaining, but also somewhat distracting.

Eventually, I had to tell him to give it a halt, but that I’d drop by later with a bunch of beers to entertain him which after a few enthusiastic calls of “FULD!!” seemed to calm the Dunkel as he did leave me alone for all of the day after that. To show my appreciation, come evening I strapped on my snow shoes (aka skid-safe working boots) and trotted on down to Dunkel’s, having before-hand managed to shove some 20 cans of beer into an old Eastpack bag I’d stolen.. Errm.. Borrowed indefinitely from Tina.

Now, Dunkel had warned me that he had a present waiting for me, once I arrived, and I do know Dunkel’s way with presents.. Still, I was but ever so slightly confused when I showed up and he greeted me with not only an awesome gesture in the shape of a glass of Rum Nation Demerara, but also 69 (yes, I counted them) post cards featuring the text “Bockwurst mit Kartoffelsalat, EURO 3.40” and pictures of sausages next to a heaping pile of potato salad.. Which is exactly what the above German text means. Admittedly, I was a bit confused and I was gonna say something, but he beat me to it, handing over the present with a simple “Please.. Just.. Don’t ask!” – and as so oft times before, I just didn’t ask.

I soon forgot all about it, anyways, as we dove right into the rock n roll and the beer supplies and had ourselves a blast of a time.. And quite quickly became quite intoxicated.. See, Dunkel and I haven’t really practiced our usual style of “Get pissed, destroy!” much these past few months, me having been rather busy with exams and Dunkel apparently trying to give his liver and body a bit of a rest, hence drinking a lot less than usual.. As a result, we’re not really on par with our usual levels of consumption, and got pretty wasted pretty quickly.. It was still good, cozy fun, though, and a hell of a lot less expensive than our usual binges.. Actually, after around nine Xmas brews and a shot of rum, we were pretty much done for which is surely nothing compared to just a few months.. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.. I mean, let’s be honest, it was all getting a bit out of control and I’m pretty sure our bodies will be thankful for this bit of a break.

But, yea, good times, non-self-destructive times, were had by both and eventually we sorta just decided that we probably didn’t need to drink more, being nicely wasted after what was determined to be only our third binge in over a month.. Which is quite a contrast to our usual three binges in a week or so. So, I grabbed the left-over beer (another first) and headed on home.. By way of a local pizza shop where I had what I decided would be my last ever piece of shitty post-binge junk food.

Now, We’ll see if I can stick to that.. Probably not.. But really, the selection of junk food in Denmark, or Kolding at least, is downright horrible.. It’s pretty much all the same, it’s pretty much all crap and it’s pretty much all made out of cheap ingredients with little attention given to composition and preparation.. And I always end up feeling shafted and ripped off after eating it.. And still, I end up getting drunk and thinking.. Hey, maybe this time it’ll be good? .. Then feeling ripped off and stupid. Especially this time around when I actually text’ed Tina and asked her whether there was a place to get decent food and she replied that the only way I’d get decent food at this hour was if I went home and made it myself. She was, of course, right.. But did I listen? No.. Did I learn a lesson? Probably..

I ended up going to a place I hadn’t been to in years and ordering what I thought would be a pretty standard ham and cheese sandwich.. At least that’s what the menu said.. When I got home, I sat down, fired up the computer, grabbed a good night beer and unwrapped my sandwich.. Which turned out to be more like a calzone pizza with ham, cheese, fresh (unripe) tomatoes and dressing baked into it.. Umm.. Interesting! And, yet, as strange and vile as that sounds, it was still the best late night junk I’d had in years.. Which really says a lot, I guess.

Having finished my “sandwich” and tried to finish watching an episode of some show off Youtube, I apparently managed to fall asleep on the couch because this is where I woke up some three hours later, thinking “this isn’t where I parked my car” and then heading off to bed for another few hours of sleep.. Wow, a Friday not spent entirely at home devoted to studies.. Good times!


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