He can’t walk but he’s trying / The Irony Of It All

I was gonna do a semi-long update tonight, but I’m absolutely knackered, having been up since 9 AM, working non-stop since then and having only just gotten home.. At 0:30 AM.. So that will have to wait. I will just, however, just briefly mention a really cool experience I had coming home today. See, as some will know my keys have been stolen by a bunch of junkies not too long ago, and as a result, I’m pretty much unable to make use of my bike which was locked at the time of said crime..

So, I was gonna walk home from work today.. Which is something I’ve done oft times before, but apparently not in these new safety shoes of mine.. So it was proving a bit of a challenge – and a bit of a pain to boot – and I really wasn’t up for it come midnight when I got off work.. But there wasn’t really anything to do, so I set out.. And dragged myself off for all of 500 meters or so before a care pulled up and the driver was like “What the hell are you up to? Need a lift?”

And yea, I know, mom, “don’t hitch rides with strangers” and all that jazz.. But I really didn’t think he was a stranger, I figured it was just someone who worked for GLS as well and was on his way home, there’s like a gazillion people out there anyways. It wasn’t until I got in the car that I realized that he was just some random bloke working in some random place who was on his way home and had taken pity on me and picked me up out of the good of his heart..

And, y’know, I’m really glad he did.. It helped me restore some of my faith in strangers.. Because not only did he not pull over, call up his friends and commence to gang-rape me.. He actually drove me nearly all the way home (of which I of course did not tell him the exact location.. Y’know.. Strangers and all), before dropping me off, and zooming off after blankly refusing my offer to at least symbolically reimburse him for gas.. What a genuinely nice guy!

I became even more happy when I’d finished limping the rest of the way home, kicked off my shoes and realized that my feet were entirely fucked up.. Well, one of them anyways.. As in a bloody, fucking mess.. The other is just, well, blistered and sore.. Interesting.. Why is it I always end up doing weird shit such as disinfecting and wrapping up wounds or sores at hours like these?

Still, I can’t complain too much.. I was home an hour before I’d expected and in a reasonably less broken state, state.. So, just a small note to say thank you, whoever you were, I guess sometimes you really can “depend on the kindness of strangers” .. Even in this day and age.

UPDATE, ten minutes later: Okay, on a scale from 1 – 10, how ironic is it that I ten minutes after posting this go looking for bandages and band aids.. And in the process locate a spare key for my bike lock? Umm.. Feel free to consider that a rhetorical question..

UPDATE, the second: Eira, you’ll be happy to know that those ridiculous kid’s band aids you sent me a couple of years back when I was going through another one of those sprees of infecting severe pain on myself is being put to good use.. Apparently they’re all I have, and they’re currently trying to keep my heels together.. And yes, they’re very pretty!


2 responses to “He can’t walk but he’s trying / The Irony Of It All

  1. Ha! Glad they’re put to good use 😀 *puts a few to your forehead as well just in case* 😀

  2. Awww 🙂 Thanks.. Probably for the better, I was heading out the door for work just as I read this 😀

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