What are you all doing here? I mean.. Thank you!

I’ve stated numerous times that I started this blog simply for the fun of it and never expected it to go anywhere.. Well, guess what, it kinda is going places.. And I know that I can’t complain about getting upwards of a hundred visitors a day on slow days.. I am, however, fully entitled to be amused and confused as to where all these people are coming from and what they’re doing here. A rather fun feature about WordPress.com is that it offers various statistics and lists about how people discovered your blog, either through listing search terms used to end up here or by listing the site that linked them here. 

Yea, I know, some of you are friends and acquaintances, I know that and I appreciate you popping by – still, I sometimes get a little confused when I’m telling an anecdote to people and they go “Oh, I know, I read on your blog” .. But that’s just me.

I’m reasonably sure that parts of the crowd come here looking for Metallica set-lists, reviews, recipes or whatever. I’m not that dumb, I can read referrers and search engine results alike 😉 To you, I’ll say that I hope you found what you were looking for.. And since I, by now, get a lot of people coming here after searching for “pre-made Mojito mix” and “What is Vodka good for?” I hope, I may have even enriched the lives of a few random strangers with my thoughts and ramblings on proper mixology and all things drink-related.

Then there are those of you who I’ve no idea about how end up here, but you leave nice, encouraging comments and I love that.. So thank you! I like comments in general, and they’re nice to get from people I know and don’t know alike.. Even people that I know from ages back that I haven’t talked to for years have left comments which makes me feel good.. In a purely heterosexual way, mind you, Der and Edge.. Of course there are the downright weird comments as well, such as what can only be described as fan letters from 12 year-old girls thinking I’m a member of the band Green Day.. Yea, sweethearts, I’m sorry for poking fun of that.. But I’m really not.. I wish I were, though.

Of course, there are also referrals from WordPress.com’s automated “Possibly related posts feature” which is basically WordPress’ way of telling readers of a certain post on a certain blog that these other posts from these other blogs may be related and of interest. Now, this system can be A LOT of fun for a blog like mine where I write about a shitton of different stuff such as cooking, mixology, drinking, music and what have you.. Because I get links from friggin’ all over.. And usually end up feeling kinda bad because most of them are either from family oriented foodie sites coming here because most posts are somehow related to food these days, or religious oriented blogs pointing here because of numerous references to Slayer’s “God Hates Us All” album.. I can’t help but wonder what these poor people coming here from such blogs may be thinking when they’re reading posts that may start out all nice and civilized-like and eventually generate into profanity laden drunken rants about this and that, mostly of the “can you say what the fuck did I do last night?” variety.. Oh well.

Last, but certainly not least, there are those of you who are just declared “fans” of my writing and use your own blogs or web pages to link here.. Some of you I know, like Eira, Matt and Mette.. Others of you, I’ve, to the best of my knowledge, never met or spoken to, yet you somehow enjoy my ramblings.. This is probably the group that give me the strongest ambivalent feeling of “this is nice” and “WTF?” and I mean that in a really good way.. I get a lot of links from d8ergirl.com and ninapintasantamaria.wordpress.com especially, and until recently I had no idea until I visited the sites and realized that I was listed in their favorites or blogrolls which is awesome, just unexpected is all. Especially coz these blogs are written by women and all.. I mean, for a rock ‘n’ roll fella like me, female fans are always a hit, but that people I don’t even know can find something interesting in my ramblings, that truly humbles me.. I’ve often wanted to drop a comment or an email to say thanks for the gesture, but partly I haven’t had the guts and partly I didn’t know what to write “Umm.. Hi, I’m sorry that guys are pigs.. But I see you like my blog?” .. or.. “So, I hear your uterus is acting up again.. I’m Johan, btw, of Random Drunken Rants fame” uhh.. no.. So I’ve more or less just left it at that.. Here’s a link back, though, ladies, and a pat on the back. I’m glad I’ve somehow managed to keep you interested with my pointless babbling 😉


2 responses to “What are you all doing here? I mean.. Thank you!

  1. hello just found my way here through random blogging 😉 not through wordpress or any of the things you said..your rumblings are interesting so maybe I might pop in again some other time..

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