No.. sleep.. till.. September?

Look, it’s pretty funny, really.. Or not! Did you ever notice how I always end up bitching about being too busy and needing a little time off.. Then two days later come round full circle and, more or less willingly, submerge myself in a pile of work?

Well, I’ve gone and done it again.. No sooner did I finish my last exam before I picked up a shit-ton of work again after some three days of rest. This time, though, it’s not so much because I wanted to – it was more a matter of needing to. I have a thesis I need to write, preferably within the next six months.. But before I can even do that, I need to officially apply for a mentor on the project (done!), sketch up an introduction, a work plan, and a mentoring schedule (getting there!).. Plus I gotta sign a contract obligating me to finish the project within six months (not quite there yet!)

So, that’s kind what I’m doing now.. That and I went and took five extra shifts at work over the course of just over a week.. Not so much out of the good of my heart, but rather out of a desperate need for the money, seeing as I’m undergoing a bit of a fall out with the board of educational funding here in Denmark.. They’re somehow taking a hellish long time processing my application for further student grants to finish my education.. And with several large unexpected expenses having rained down over me over the past weeks things are looking a little.. Well, not so good.. For someone like me who enjoys those simple things in life such as, oh, paying the rent and having things to eat.

I’m not too worried, I’m sure things will work out – as they have a habit of doing – and I’ll be able to sustain myself for probably another month or so, should the processing really draw out.. But that’s just the thing, I really don’t have money for much else.. So extra shifts it is. I want to be able to live a little as well.. Just as I’d like to be able to buy a ticket for Rock Am Ring soon as would love to be able to visit Zascha as well.. Oh well, any day now the application will clear.. I’m sure of it.. Till then, at least I’ll be keeping myself busy and thus not have time to worry?

Right? Yeah!

Seriously, don’t get me wrong.. I’m not complaining too much.. Being busy is all good 🙂 I am a little pissed off about the whole financial aspect, though, but that’s probably on account of me having had at least an illusion of good personal finances up until now.. Ah, and I’m sure that amidst being busy with school, there’ll be time for some sleep as well.. Actually, I sleep too much as it is already.


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