When alarm clocks don’t work

.. count on your land lord to fix things!

I’ve been meaning to get up earlier for, well, let’s be honest, months now.. I just haven’t been very successful at my efforts.. And it’s not like I haven’t tired. I set my alarm clock almost every day, wake up whenever it goes off and go “Oh!” – then fall straight back into soothing, blissful sleep.

Today was probably gonna be no different. Except today, Tina is gonna drop by, so I’d have to at least try a little harder.. Which I did.. Or rather, my land lord unknowingly did. I think. I don’t know.. It all started with a series of loud bangs.

Now, I’m all in favor of loud bangs, I produce them a lot myself when I’m drunk off my feet at 3 AM a random Saturday.. I am, however, not a fan of loud bangs at 7:30 AM when I’m trying to sleep. So, when I did wake at 7:30 to the sound of loud bangs, my first thoughts were something along the lines of “m*therf**k! The nerve of some people!”.. My second thought was that of “hey, it’s 7:30, it’s a Thursday, most sane people are up for work or whatever at this hour.” So, I rolled over, thought fuck it.. They’re in their right to make noise, I’ll just try to sleep through it.. Having not gotten to bed before 3 AM after all.

This new plan went well for all of 30 minutes or so, when I started hearing stirring and footsteps.. From within my apartment! A pretty interesting sound to be hearing, considering I’d just been burglarized not even a month before. “We’ll see about that,” I thought, raising myself to face the challenges.. Knowing fully well that sleepy-eyed, barely dressed, emaciated 27 year-old kid would pose no considerable threat to a would-be intruder.. But I’d be damned if I were to go down without a fight.. And so, I moved to square off, with a ridiculously confused looking carpenter who came barging through the door of my bedroom going “FUCKING HELL!! Sorry! I so didn’t know anybody was home!”

“That’s quite okay,” I remarked, starting to look as confused as he did, “I didn’t know anybody was coming!” – after a bit of confuddled looking at the floor and scratching of the back of necks, we found out that my new-found carpenter friend was there to look at some burglary related damages around the house, such asz a window of mine that’d been torn open.. And well, apparently no-one had bothered to tell me he was coming.. Or to tell him that I lived downstairs and might be home and/or sleeping.. Interesting!

Either way, we didn’t have time to talk for long, he pretty quickly stumbled apologetically back out from whence he came, saying he’d take care of some other business first, and I pretty quickly got up and started staggering around in a confused manner, cooking up some breakfast and making tea, figuring I might as well get up as to not oversleep again.. And also give the guy a chance to actually do his work, should he return at some point.

All in all, a super confusing start to the day.. But at least I didn’t oversleep!


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