It’s amazing how easily you forget

Y’know, I’ve been a (reasonably) well-behaved boy for a long time now.. So long, in fact that I had my first real hangover in months today.. And it made me realize that not only had I not missed these one bit, I’d also completely forgotten how bad they feel.

“Y’know,” I told Dunkel when he called me up at noonish.. “I figured out why we used to drink so heavily..” – “I know,” he said.. “Because hangovers are bad for you!” This was a joke, of course, but there was probably just a tiny hint of bitter truth to it as we have often jokingly used fear of hangovers as an excuse to extend our binge by a day.. or two.

So, yup, hangovers bad apparently.. But we brought it on ourselves, I guess, so it’s not like I really should complain.. I mean, we haven’t really been drinking much of anything for months now, so walking into the Uboat on the first opening day of 2009 and thinking we can just kick it as usual.. It’s just bound to get ugly.. And it probably did. I wish I’d remember.

Well, I remember some.. Actually, I had a pretty good time for most of the night, chatting with people, taking goofy pictures and what have you.. Then Dunkel walks in from out of nowhere with one of his band mates and Penny, Mette and others in tow.. And the shit hits the fan, people get fucked up and blankness ensues.. From what I hear, Dunkel and I let the Uboat together at some point and trailed home together (which makes no sense at all since we live in pretty opposite directions from Uni), I also may or may not have run into our mutual friend Kent on my last stretch home, but I’m not sure.. I took Dunkel and I hours to find out that we’d even left together.. Hmm..

So, yea, I had all these grand plans for today including much needed updates to this blog about me and Tina’s blood, sweat and tears-involving cooking adventures and what have you. I was even hoping to get some work done on my thesis.. But as you’ve probably suspected by now, none of that really happened and instead I spent the day on Dunkel’s couch, a hung-over sleepy mess, watching movies, eating fatty food and just generally feeling discombobulated.. Erk! I sooo haven’t missed these days.

But, hey, I withstood temptation today and didn’t get my drink on in any major way, so hopefully all of those grand plans for today will be realized tomorrow.. One can only hope! 😉


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