Some people just aren’t right in the head..

Seriously! I nearly got more or less end gamed on my way home from work.. Not on my own idiotic doing this time around.. But because someone, in lack of better things to do decided to hurl balls of ice and packed snow at me, from behind, while I was unknowingly going downhill – fast – on my bike heading home from work.. Dude, what the fuck?!

I don’t generally use this space to lash out at people.. But, seriously, get a grip! Stop! Think! Being bored doesn’t really have to include random acts of attempted violence towards random strangers.. Sure, hurling the odd snowball can be all fun and games.. But.. The first one went past me so close and fast that I heard both the swoosh and the impact, despite wearing headphones and listening to Metallica’s “And Justice For All”.. On a positive note, it prepared me for the others that were coming, but it also surprised and scared me to a point where I nearly lost control of my bike.. Which could’ve easily gotten quite ugly.. And that’s not even considering what could’ve happened, had it hit me in the back of the head.. Blah!

Geeze, I now officially feel like a grumpy old man, bitching at the youth of today, but seriously.. WTF? I’m all for the random prank and all, but it’s a thin line between being a prankster and being stupid, I guess.


3 responses to “Some people just aren’t right in the head..

  1. WTF? Some people are just plain stupid… It’s like thinking has become a non existing activity for some people… damn…

    But lucky you didn’t get hit by the snowball… As you say it could have ended quite bad…

  2. Sheesh, young lady, you shouldn’t be up so late reading, and replying to blogs 😉 (He said, knowing fully well that he was awake to read the comment)

    But thanks, it’s great to know I wasn’t the only one upset with today’s reckless youth.. Heh.

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