Strung out!

I’ve been strung out on a lot of things in my life; ham, cheese, alcohol, Skittles, bacon.. You name it.. Probably the only thing I’ve never been strung out on is drugs.. Probably partly because I’m not a fan of mind altering substances, whether subscribed or not.. Partly because I have a very addictive personality which is another good reason to never ever try drugs.. I’ll stick to my other addictions, thank you very much!

Speaking of which, if there has been one common denominator for the days of my life for the last many months, it has been COFFEE – black as midnight on a moonless night (extra points and gold stars for spotting the reference) – and lots of it! And, really, I do mean a lot. Look, we all know I’ve been busy lately, and every now and then I’ve needed a pick-me-up which then led to another and then one more.. To a point where five or six cups before lunch wasn’t unusual.

So, while the jury is still out on whether or not coffee is good or bad for you, there’s really no need to be drinking 10-14 cups a day, especially not if you’re doing so due to sheer addiction.. And especially not now that my body is being taken somewhat better care of than it used to be – e.g. being fed better food and not pulled through borderline self-destructive binges upwards of five times a week.. So, I’m trying to cut down, and doing rather well at it, I might add.. Or well, as well as a caffeine fiend could possibly do. I’m down to four cups in the first two hours of the day.. Which is two cups down from the norm and about as low as I can possibly go, I need my Morning Joe. Also, last night I, for the first time in months (kinda sad, really), drank less than one pot during a four hour shift at work.. Tonight, I cut it all the way down to just three cups! Which was a struggle, to say the least, having to constantly fight the urge to reach for the pot or the cup or whatever, while frantically typing away at the keyboard and eventually being offered a piece of gum by a colleague who probably thought I was fighting heavy nicotine and/or heroine withdrawals.. So, that’s good right? And I’m feeling better, right?

Well, you’d think so.. But, honestly, I’m feeling like shit! And I’m not even kidding. Ask anyone who’s trying to kick a bad habit and they’ll tell you it’s no fun.. Ask me how I’m doing and, unless you’re a cute, female, and smell pretty, I’ll more than likely tell you to go fuck yourself! 😉 Okay, it’s not that bad.. But it’s not that good either. I’m hurting! I’ve got a migraine! I’m shaking! And I’m irritable to all fuck! All from trying to kick a bad caffeine habit.. Who’d have thunk? It’s ridiculous.. It’s even starting to affect my sleeping patterns in a negative direction. Which I suppose will give me a good card to play. You see, Tina and I, in our efforts to always have something new and exciting to argue about, have taken to bickering about coffee consumption and it’s affect on your sleeping patterns. I’ve always held that coffee in the ridiculous amounts that I consume it, has no lasting effects in terms of kick, but rather becomes just an addiction and eventually wears you out even more in the end.. I guess now with me sleeping less from drinking less coffee, I’m proven right? Right?! But I digress..

On the upside, I think my stomach loves me again, and I’m pretty sure my body generally feels better.. Now, to convince my head and brain to shape up or slip out so I can start feeling generally better about cutting down..


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