I Am Legend?! – Or how I got famous processing 1100 packages in 3 hours

It’s no real secret that I have been working a lot lately.. Or well, it may be to some readers of this blog as I guess I’ve been a little too busy working to actually relate about it on here.. Oh well, but long story short, I grabbed four extra shifts at work this week, meaning that I’ve been working Monday – Thursday, 8 PM – 1 AM.. Back at the office for a change, processing packages as of times before.. It’s been fun, it’s been boring, it’s been tiring, stressing, uplifting, at times downright bizarre. There’s been laughter, there’s been crying, cursing, there’s been insults and compliments.. At times there’s even been objects flying across the room.

I’ve been working pretty closely together with this new guy called Mads and we apparently made a pretty good team. We’re about the same age, have about the same sense of humor, totally opposite tastes in just about everything and share a common ability to come up with jokes and insults on the fly.. Basically, your standard recipe for disaster and good fun. Jokes have been flying left and right, people have been laughed at, insults have been exchanged.. Heck, I even got shot down a few times with foreign objects when I got out of control.. But mainly, we’ve just gotten a hell of a lot of work done.. Me in particular, apparently.

I wasn’t really aware, but apparently I broke a couple of unofficial records over the course of the week, one for most packages processed in an hour (407) yesterday, and one for packages total in a four hour span (11o7)  today.. And in true Johan nature, I didn’t even know I was doing anything out of the ordinary until Mads went “Holy mother of fuck, you is FAST! That is CRAZY!” and people started showing up to see the “crazy fast guy” .. So, yea, I guess I’m famous at work now or something.. All I know is things are more fun when there’s actually work to do.. And I’m apparently a good guy coz me finishing up that many packages in such short time means that Mads (who’s full time) has fewer packages to worry about so he can get home earlier.. And that apparently makes him a happy camper.. And in need of buying me a beer, I reckon! 😉

But yea, pretty good times, good money, major strain.. It’s been four days now and I’m pretty happy I don’t have more to go. Spending all day in front of the computer working on your thesis and then four to five hours at work staring at a screen as well makes for a pretty heavy head by the end of the day and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t helped my headache either. Who’d have thunk that working 12 hours a day in front of a computer screen would be a bad idea? Not me! Which is why I’m not partially taking the rest of the week off. Heading off to Nyborg to visit my dad and his family tomorrow. I’ll bring the laptop and get the last bit of preparations done for my thesis as well as try to chronicle my doings at the Student House over the last couple of years, something I’ve promised some people at the municipality.. It’ll be nice and laid back.. I might even find time for a glass of red wine or a quality brew.. Yum!

I’ll try to keep you guys posted, but no promises!


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