Old red wine, way past its prime

So much for keeping you updated, huh? Well, my apologies but my weekend shaped out a bit differently than I expected.. For starters, I allowed myself to calm down and relax a whole lot more than I’d initially planned on.. This is owing mainly to me being a bit over-worked from the goings on of the first part of this week, but also to me nursing a beginning cold which is threatening to kick my ass pretty good.. As a result, I’ve kept a pretty low profile, stayed off the computer and the stress that is the internet as much as possible while trying to rest and enjoy myself at the same time.. And it hasn’t been all bad.

Well, it didn’t start out too good, either. I woke up Friday at around 10 AM thinking to myself that the light in my apartment was a little too bright for my liking. I initially thought I’d gone completely bonkers from working myself too hard over the course of the week but eventually found out that the bright light was caused by the sun reflecting off of the several inches thick layer of snow that’d fallen during my few hours of blissful sleep. Faithful readers and people who know me in other ways will know that I’m not a big fan of snow – in fact, I despise it – so I knew the day was gonna be off to a pretty crummy start.. Especially when I made to go out of bed and realized how freezing cold my apartment was.. Apparently the heat had also gone shot over the course of the morning.. Along with the power and the hot water! Which pretty quickly made me into a walking case study in bitterness and anger as I strode around the house, trying to fix the power and the heat, failing miserably at both tasks!

I eventually gave off and ended up just packing my stuff, leaving a note for Brian that things were amiss and then ran off to Nyborg.. Where I arrived a few hours later, delighted to see no snow on the ground over there.. Which considerably brightened my mood – along with the fact that I got to go out and spend a gift certificate I’d gotten from my dad this past christmas. After about an hour, I’d become the proud owner of a fancy new Global knife (which pleases me more than I’d like to admit), a new kitchen sieve and a bottle of wine for my collection I just happened to stumble upon in the process.. Stumbling defining the process of making a detour on the way home to my dad’s past a little store and picking up the bottle on sale.

Safely back at my dad’s, I chilled for an hour or two, showered, shaved and did all those other things I wasn’t really capable of doing in my own chilly apartment. My dad and his wife were heading off to the theatre for the evening, so rather than spending the night alone, I headed on over to my half-sister Mie who was throwing a dinner party.. Which was good times despite the fact that I think they had a secret plan to poison everybody with garlic during the meal as they’d apparently managed to slip several full heads of garlic into the various dishes.. Interesting, really.. We spent the rest of the night getting a bit of a drink on, listening to music and generally having a pretty good time, and we eventually headed downtown to a local bar which was a bit of a mixed experience.. The crowd was pretty good, people were friendly, the music was good (owing mainly to it being delivered from a jukebox and some bloke buying in on a shit-ton of credits and using all of them to play Slayer, In Flames and Iron Maiden tracks..  This pleased the Johan, but not the young girl he was talking to at the time), and the staff was downright incompetent.. I wanted to get something to drink and having spotted a bottle of Cruzan White Rum on the shelf as the only interesting beverage, I went and ordered a Cruzan and Pepsi.. For which I was charged DKK 45 for a single shot after I’d meticulously taken the time to point out the bottle to the bartender and explained to her that this was, in fact, a rum and that it was suitable for mixing in most drinks that called for white rum.

Outraged, I returned to the table, poured a bit of Pepsi into my rum and tried to enjoy the situation.. Which somewhat improved after I finished my drink, then slumped as I went to purchase a beer chaser and was charged DKK 25 for the local discount option.. For shame! The others eventually wanted to move on to a more clubbing like place, but I passed not really being interested in spending even more money just for a chance to get in and buy even more overprized beverages.. So at around 2 AM, I decided to head home, crash, get some sleep and avoid any possible hangovers.

Saturday ended up being far more relaxed than the day before, if you ignore the fact that my dad and Birthe were yelling at me for stinking up the place with my garlicy essence. I told them to take that up with their daughter who had knowingly tried to poison me the night before and then caught a shower. I then headed out to get a toothbrush, a rather essential tool that I have a habit of forgetting whenever I go to Nyborg. I returned about an hour later, only to bump into my dad who had just also been out to get a toothbrush for me.. 

Oh well! I winded away most of the day on the couch before time came to help my dad with dinner. We ended up doing rosemary and garlic (which I protested but was sadly overruled!) infused leg of lamb braised with a bunch of root vegetables and Danish Stout beer served with butter roasted fingerling potatoes tossed with fresh parsley (something I’ll have to remember to do more of) and a sauce built on whatever was left from the braising process.. It was delish if I dare say so myself..

In the process, we also managed to sample some of France’s finest in the shape of an aged Chateau-Neuf du Pape and a killer Red Burgundy.. A process that sounded a hell of a lot more interesting than it actually was as both wine had definitely been on the shelf too long and were starting to get sour.. The whole process ended in me standing to attention, giving a military salute and humming Amazing Grace while my dad teary eyed poured both bottles down the sink and got us a much younger specimen from the shelf.. What a crying shame that was. 

We spent most of the evening brooding over the result of our wine tasting, while I for some reason had The Who’s “Old Red Wine” playing in my head constantly, until we eventually though “Fuck it! Went and got a couple of beers from the basement and set out to drink a few and watch “Return to the House on Haunted Hill” which was every bit as ridiculous as I’d expected it to be.. My dad ended up a tad bit dizzy from his rather strong selection of beers and went to bed while I made up a late night snack and set out to do some reading.

Sunday and Monday alike, I’ve spent feeling a bit under the weather, getting at least a little work done and resting as much as I possibly can. I think I’m coming down with a cold or something, at least that’s how I feel, but I know that Birthe has also just been down with the flu, so who knows.. I’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst – all while laying low, staying still and trying not to complain too much.. Fact of the matter is I don’t have time to be sick, so I’ll have to not be.. Even if that means I’ll have to submit to Tina’s torturous treatment involving camomile tea and freshly squeezed lime juice.. “Oh God help me!”

I’m writing this in Nyborg, by the way, but by the time it gets posted, I should’ve made it home to Kolding and my own little place, which I’m sorta looking forward to now.. I’ve got another long week ahead of me but if I can keep the sickies at bay, it should be all good.. Blah, wish me luck!


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