I had it all planned out.. Well, more or less!

My organizing skills surprise me at times.. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.. Sometimes in both ways all at once.. Confused? Not as confused as I ended up today, I’m pretty willing to bet.

I knew from the beginning that I’d have my work cut out for me today. I was still battling a bit of a head cold and I was to not only get up early and do some shopping – for the sake of having something to eat during the day – I was also gonna do some planning and emailing with my mentor on my thesis.. And not too long after noon, my mom would show up, we’d drive to Germany, do some shopping, return, do some shopping locally, drive to her place, fix her computer, eat dinner, send me off to work and then I’d go home for some much needed rest.. Such was the plan.. And it went well most of the way.

I got all my AM chores done for starters, I even managed to do the dishes as well and clean up a little before my mom arrived.. Which she did fashionably late, but then she’d been at work so there.. We even managed to arrive at our destination border shop in Germany pretty much on time after having taken a shortcut (read: speeding). Here we did some shopping and I managed to somewhat control myself.. Which is to say I only bought three 24-packs of beer, two bottles of wine, a bottle of Havana Club 3 years, a bottle of Tanqueray Gin, a Jose Cuervo Reposado tequila (which is actually pretty good in lack of better choices), and a bottle of Bowmore 12 year old Islay whisky.. And that, believe it or not, is not too bad for someone like me who usually feels the need to get at least one fuck off expensive bottle of spirits for the “Shelf ‘o’ fine spirits.”  

On our way home from above mentioned shopping spree, we stopped at a semi-local Danish supermarket for my mom to pick up some meat on sale.. While she went straight for the meat section, my natural instinct guided me right to the wine section, because that’s just how I roll.. While my mom picked up cheap cuts of meat, I stumbled upon a bottle of Italian Amarone at an INSANELY low price and figured since I’d restrained myself so well in Germany, I owed it to myself to get this bottle.. And that somehow made sense to me, so I did and, having reunited with my mom, we headed for the checkout and then piled back into the car and headed homewards.

Having made a short pit stop at my place to unload my goods, we then headed to my mom’s where I did some trouble shooting on her computer (best as I could) and managed to fix most of her problems, saving her an expensive technician visit and what have you. We then, clock rapidly approaching 7 PM at this point, cooked up some dinner, ate,  I changed for work, slipped into my safety shoes and headed off.. And that’s when all the planning and military precision kinda went down the drain, because it wasn’t until I got about half way on the 10 minute walk between my mom’s and GLS.. On foot.. that I realized “Wait a moment.. What with me having been driven out here and all.. How the fuck am I gonna get home from work at midnight tonight?” So there you go.. Ever the idiot, I can’t ever not screw up.

But, took it like a man, I did, marched into work, head held high, ignoring the laughs and wise guy remarks from my colleagues, did my time, finished my shift, sighed miserably.. And prepared for the long, hard walk home.. That never happened! Or well, almost never happened.. See, I made it about as far as I did the last time I wrote a post about walking home after work.. When, believe it or not, the very same guy that happened to drive by last time and offer me a lift just happened to drive by again, stopped again, honked, opened his door and simply asked “Bike still broken, champ? I cant’ drive you as far this time, but I’ll get you some of the way!” – an offer that I was more than happy to accept this time, partially because I now knew that he was a pretty nice guy, not out to neither rape nor kill me, and partially because it was fucking cold and I didn’t much feel like walking. So in a jumped and he ended up driving me down to about where Tina lives.. Well, to exactly where Tina lived actually.. Leaving me with only about a 20 minute walk home.. Awesome!

I guess you sometimes get to luck out even if you are a fucking idiot.. Which makes me pretty happy coz I play the idiot part pretty well most of the time.. And with that being said, I guess I’d better get to bed. I was planning on keeping this post short, but I see I’ve once again managed to not quite do that.


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