I’ve got.. Three tickets to Paradise..

Okay, that’s both a misquote and a partial lie.. But what I do have is a receipt for three tickets for Rock Am Ring 2009 that I just purchased.. Not for myself, of course, but on behalf of myself, Tina and Dunkel.. Which means that I’m not officially broke, but I should have a bunch of tickets arriving in the mail shortly.. And I do have some people owing me a lot of money.. Life on earth is good, and I’m stoked!

Not only am I guaranteed to see the likes of Killswitch Engage, Volbeat, The Killers, Marilyn Manson, Korn and The Prodigy (and Placebo, Limp Bizkit and a few others).. But since prices are going up in under a month and we’re only up to about 30 bands of a total of a hundred or so, I think good things are in store.. Add to that the fact that Motley Crue is playing in Denmark on 10 June along with the fact that Rock Am Ring takes place from June 5-7.. Well, it’s not far fetched to think that we might be seeing the master’s of decadence live and in concert.. Which would make me a hell of a lot more happy than I’d like to admit.. Dunkel, too, I’m sure as he’s already fantasizing into ways of us getting around to having drinks with the boys.. Which I think sounds like a really bad an traumatizing idea, so of course I’m all up for it.

The plan, so far is to wait for them to hit stage and kick into “Girls, Girls, Girls” then toss Tina onto the stage to get their attention as she’s both lightweight and pretty.. And then sorta improvise from there.. The plan isn’t really all the way worked through yet, and some seem to think that we should ask Tina about the whole thing first.. But quite honestly we feel she needs to pull a sacrifice for the common good on this one.. And, really.. I mean, an attractive blue eyed platinum blonde in skimpy pink summer clothing getting thrown before the world’s most decadent and promiscuous rock band in front of 100,000 people.. Name one bad thing that could happen.. Oh.. Wait.. Okay.. Back to the drawing board on that one..

But really, last year we only managed to shake hands and take pictures with Jamie Oliver, we need to up the ante this time around.. Or not.. I digress.. And ramble.. Fact of the matter is I’m psyched.. Get ready, Germany! We’re coming back!


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