What the fuck is all this then?!

So, I’d made this arrangement with Tina that since neither of us had much time on our hands lately and since neither of us had seen the other for ages (which in our books is like a week), we’d at least get together for a brisk evening walk yesterday after she got off work at 10 PM.. I was reasonably prepared for that.. I was also reasonably prepared for the cold and the rough aspects of late night winter walks.. What I, on the other hand, was totally unprepared for was the way Tina would be looking when she greeted me at the door..

Or, to be honest, I was only reasonably certain that it was indeed Tina who greeted me at the door because all I saw was something resembling a cross between the Michelin man, a toddler in full “play in the snow uniform” and an off duty crab fisherman.. With just a slight bit of turquoise scarf and blonde hair sticking out somewhere. Now, I’m pretty sure my first words were an ever classic combination of the words “FUCK”, “WHAT”, and “THE”, to which Tina simply reasoned that she was going skiing soon and that she merely wanted to try out everything from her thermal underwear over boots and skiing pants to her insulated jacket and fancy gloves.

“You look fucking ridiculous, babe,” I ventured, “you do know we’re not currently situated in the middle of the French Alps, don’t you?”  to which she simply shrugged and completed her outfit by pulling a novelty blue elf hat left over from Christmas over her hair and ears.. The end result was.. Unique to say the least.. And definitely one of those things that only Tina could make look borderline cute. As a result, I spent most of the first part of our trip wondering if I even wanted to be seen with her.. Especially when she started swirling her body from side to side, exclaiming “Swooooosh.. SWOOOOSH!!” and answering my bewildered inquiries with a simple “I’m skiing!! Or practicing at least..” – Good God!

Ah well, luckily, large parts of her weirdness wore off after a while and we ended up having a pretty nice walk and a good talk.. All while I tried to ignore the ridiculous pulsating light feature she’d discovered about her elf hat – and turned on “in order to light the way”.. Mental retardation really must be such fun at times! We ended up walking for about an hour, Tina’s outfit even seeming somewhat appropriate at times such as when I decided that “hey, going this way might be fun, lack of lighting aside and all!” and we ended up on a dark side road, Tina on my arm and all, skidding along on black ice and snow.. At other times, it was just a nuisance such as when the insulating fabric caused her great irritation or when the temperature rose about freezing and she decided that she was hot.. Well, with four layers of wool, insulation, wind-breaking fabric and all.. Who’d have thunk? 😉

But all in all good times.. And upon dropping Tina off at her place, hanging out for a bit and walking home myself, I had to admit that she might have been on to something.. As I started coughing and sneezing a hell of a lot more than I had up until  now.. By noon today I was down with a downright nasty cold, causing me great aches and exhaustion.. Add to that the fact that I was nursing a splitting headache I’d earned myself the night before when saying goodbye to Tina, I was more interested in talking to her and looking at her than I was where I was going.. Which caused me to walk fair and square head-first into a wooden support beam in the hallway, completely flooring myself and earning a nice lumpy forehead and a headache to boot.. Oh, come on guys.. Don’t laugh.. Like you’ve never been knocked off your feet from being more interested in a girl than where you were going.. It’s in our nature!

Anyway, top those aftereffects off with an escalating cold and you know how much fun I’ve had today.. I mean, it wasn’t all bad.. Spending the day on the couch with the laptop, a few webpages, some articles and a cup of tea, getting lots of C vitamins, eating spicy Vietnamese beef and noodle soup with plenty of garlic, ginger, chili and lime juice.. It all sounds pretty good, had it not been for the fuck off exhausting cold that caused the whole behavior.. Blah! But at least it seems to be getting better.. Which is good, as I’d very much like to be well by tomorrow!


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