It has been bestowed upon me make a few changes in the way I portrait Tina’s character on this blog. You see, Tina seems to think that my portrayal of her on here would give people not in the know the idea that I think of her as a sort of adorable happy-go-lucky retard.. Which is of course (almost 😉 ) never the case, but facing threats of publishing of last Friday night’s Trivial Pursuit score which may or may not indicate that she completely wiped the floor with me, I’ve decided to give in and heed her request!

All kidding aside, though, let there be no doubt that I consider Tina a very intelligent, albeit at times somewhat silly, young woman.. Much like my self, only not.. As I’m not a woman and I’m not always all that intelligent.. There, that’s that out of the way. Can we go on now?

Except there isn’t much else to say.. Well, there is, but it’s mostly crap.. Or well.. Before I offend anyone any further, I will say that I had a really nice, cosy and quiet Friday with Tina, working on our respective assignments, going for a long walk to clear our heads a little, eating home-made cream of tomato soup and sipping Chardonnay, watching a few movies having a few beers, completely humiliating me in a game of Trivial Pursuit.. Or three.. Basically just having a great old time.. I really would love to go into details, but, see.. My current situation doesn’t really permit it. See, we spent all of Friday worrying that Tina was coming down with something as I’d been kinda coughing and wheezing all week and we had spent a considerable amount of time together since Wednesday.. As it turned out, though, Tina was just a bit dehydrated and underfed from working all night and soon livened up again, and apparently it was me who was coming down with something.. Or was actually down with something.. Namely the ever so common flu.

That I had apparently been suffering from for like a week without being any the wiser before tilting completely on Saturday and being told by my grandma and the rest of my family that I exhibited every possible symptom of the flu.. Lovely. Just goes to show what I know. Anyways, it goes to show why I’ve felt like crap for the last few weeks and why I’m feeling like utter shit these days. But, hey, I’m not complaining.. Or.. Whatever.. Who am I kidding? I am! But I’ll try to keep it at a minimum here as I’m pretty sure I’m already driving everybody nuts with my bitching and groaning.

Just saying.. It’s not like I don’t want to post updates, I just barely have the energy for it. After I realized that running around, keeping busy, working and hanging out with friends wasn’t a way to get healthy, I’ve tried to stay in and in bed as much as possible, and that somehow seems to have completely drained me.. I’m just hoping that means I’ll get better soon, too.. I’m just happy that Tina had gotten her flu shot, I hear she’s heading off on holiday in a few and I’d hate to have passed it on to her..

Either way, keep checking up, I’ll be back soon.. In one piece.. Hopefully..


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