Week Three.. All Quiet On The Sickies Front..

I’ve been really sick today.. Like, really, really sick.. I hope that’s a sign that things are getting better. My mom dropped by with some soup this afternoon, she even offered to heat some of it for me, which was really nice.. Had I been able to eat and enjoy it.. But I did find it really sweet and considerate of her, very unlike her to be honest.. But believe it or not, my mom and I have been getting along really good lately, so maybe this is a sign of new things to come.

I managed to get down a little of said soup a few hours ago which is really the only thing I’ve eaten for 24+ hours – something highly unlikely for someone like me who generally gets hungry after three hours without food.

Oh, but I’ll stop my whining now.. I’m sure you’re not very interested in the pathetic rants of a sick man, but you all know it’s what we do best when sick. Besides, Tina argues I’ve lost my entitlement to being pitied and taken care of through my unwillingness to properly stay in bed and take care of myself. I guess I’d have to agree with her, but it’s just really not much fun and I really thought I was doing a hell of a lot better yesterday than I evidently was and I really needed to get down to Dunkel’s to pick up some bottles of whisky that I made a deal with him for in return of forgetting about parts of the money he owed me..

Apparently not the best idea I’ve ever gotten, but I did earn four bottles of premium whisky for my newly established whisky shelf.. Shame, really, that I’ve only just now gotten the energy to actually place them up on the shelf.

Maybe tomorrow is the day that things will get better, eh?


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