Wait.. What does that even mean?

I just got the weirdest piece of spam I’ve gotten in a while.. Not that I really get a lot of spam. But sometimes a piece or two makes it through my spam filter.. Usually they’re from supposed Russian model chicks looking for western company.. But I know them to be wrongly addressed because blue eyed platinum blonde modeling chicks don’t usually go for long-haired metal heads as potential mates.. And why’d they need my credit card number as part of my contact info? I’m easily confused like that..

Anyways, I got a piece of mail reading “You can look good without any effort!” which kinda made me go: “Yea, great.. But if I can do that, then why are you trying to sell me stuff? Coz, like, I can look good without effort, so I don’t need your product right?”

Okay, this being locked up alone part is getting to me.. Can you tell? My mind starts to wander a lot, it’s a way of keeping the boredom at bay, I guess.. A very bad way, but a way none the less. See, Johans are sociable creatures. And in no ways made for being locked up inside, alone, sick and all that jazz.. There was a time I used to not really mind, but I guess such times are of the past.. Like five years in the past.

Speaking of years in the past, it occurred to me – after realizing that I’d actually been freezing quite a lot (a rather uncommon feeling for me) lately – that I might want to find a long sleeve to wear since I’m supposedly trying to get better (and doing well at it it would seem). Thing is, though, I really am a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, to the bone, so finding anything in my pile of clothing resembling a long sleeve is actually a fuck of a lot harder than you’d actually thing. People who truly know me acknowledge this fact, and tease me with it..

But yea, I guess this time around, the ridicule is actually somewhat justified. Finding a long sleeve actually took a lot longer than I’d like to admit and the result was only somewhat successful. The shirt that I did end up finding was not only an old novelty one given by my dad at least six or seven years back.. It also proved to show that a lot has changed in that period of time. I mean, I knew I’d changed a lot both in character and in appearance in the last ten years, really who doesn’t? I knew I’d slimmed down quite a lot in the time, too, but I wasn’t prepared to nearly get lost in the shirt once I put it on.. But hey, that’s what happened.. I’m pretty sure with a little effort I could fit into this shirt twice.. No really..

Which caused me to spend my first five minutes in my new-found long-sleeve stumbling around confused and bewildered, looking a right idiot in a ridiculously over-sized shirt.. But oh well, at least I’m warm now.. I honestly should’ve thought of this before.. I feel so S-M-R-T… I mean.. S-M.. Ah, forget it! What matters is I feel all warm like and a lot better like. I really do feel better than I did last night at this time where I was actually starting to think that I might be well today, but after a minor relapse this morning, I guess it wasn’t really to happen. Maybe tomorrow’s the day, then? I’m reasonably sure I could be up and about by now with nothing but a bit of a sore throat to give me trouble.. But I’ve been known to push my luck and not always get away with it.. So I’ve decided to stay grounded for at least another day. I even took tomorrow off work y’know, just to be safe. Four hours of wandering around a drafty terminal building after being sick for three weeks straight probably isn’t the best idea I’ve ever heard of.. Yet, I’ve done so before, with mixed results.. So a day off it was. I felt bad about calling in sick since I wasn’t technically sick (heck, I feel bad calling in sick one day when Tina more or less made me because I was technically sick), so I managed to trade my shift off to good ol’ Jakob instead.. Which made everybody feel good.. Everyone except my wallet.. But oh well, gotta think of yourself every now and then, I guess.

Man, I’m really hoping I will be better tomorrow.. I’m hating this more and more every day..


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